Refer candidates directly into Teamtailor using the Employee dashboard

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Make the referral process easier by letting your colleagues refer potential candidates directly to Teamtailor. This way you will easily be able to recommend a colleague, as well as keep all your referrals in the same place. Let's head straight into it! 

Press your profile picture in the top right corner and then select Employee dashboard. This takes you to a view of all published jobs on your account.

In the Employee dashboards, you’ll see a bunch of interesting information but for now, let’s focus on Open jobs and My referrals as these are the ones relevant to this article.

Open jobs

Under Open jobs, you’ll see all published jobs for your company right now. Seeing one that you have a great candidate for? This is where you refer them! Just hover over the image and select Refer candidate

My referrals

Under the section My referrals, you can keep track of the status of the referrals you’ve added previously as well as add a new one.

This could be a good idea if you have a great candidate in your network, but can’t find the perfect role right now. Add the candidate to your general candidate pool instead!

Create the referral

When you are referring the candidate, you add the relevant information. Write the referral's name and tell your colleagues a bit more about why you want to recommend the candidate. Let your colleagues know how you know the person you are recommending and also why they would suit the position. Add the candidate to the job you think would suit them and add their email, phone number, and resume if you have it. 

Please note! You can only refer a candidate to one job. If you think the candidate might be interesting in another position too, we’d recommend you to check directly with the recruiters internally.

Manage referred candidates

The candidate will appear in the inbox and will be treated as a sourced candidate. In the same way as a sourced candidate, they won't receive a Thank you for your application email. You will see that the candidate has been referred by looking at the pink tag in the bottom left corner of the candidate card. 

In the candidate card, you will see all the information that your colleague wrote about the referral. It will look something like this 👇

If you want to see all referred candidates you can go to Candidates and press filters. Choose to filter after referred candidates. In doing so, all referred candidates will appear!

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