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Be able to follow what results sharing that link has led to

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With our feature Trackable share link, you can create your own link to a job posting and then be able to follow what results this specific link has led to. With this it's a lot easier to get better statistics of which shares/efforts gives you the best result. 

Create a Trackable share link

To create the link, go to the tab Promote for the job in question and locate the Promote and Share section -> Trackable share link 🌟

Here, you will be asked to name the link. This name will be added to the end of the link, and is what separates this link from other trackable share links in your account.

So for example, giving it the name salesforum results in a link that looks something like this:

To retrieve your unique link, simply click View purchase history and then Copy it. You're now ready to roll!

This is what the creation of the link looks like from start to finish. Super easy!

(If you haven't activated this channel before, you will first do so by clicking Activate). 

Follow up the stats

After you've created and used your link, it's time to follow up on its performance. You will see this in two places: in your Analytics, and directly in the candidate card.

In Analytics

Under the Analytics tab, you find the report Top promotions. Go there, and you'll see how the created Trackable share links performed (such as the number of visits and applications coming via this specific link). 

Candidate card

Whenever a candidate applies via this unique link, this will be displayed on her profile. You'll see Applied to [job title] via Trackable share link, and by hovering over Trackable share link you'll see which one she came via. Like so:

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