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Create unique links for your job ads to track the number of visits and applications generated

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With our feature Trackable share link, you can create your own link to a job posting and then be able to follow what results this specific link has led to. With this, it's a lot easier to get better statistics on which shares/efforts give you the best result. 

Create a Trackable share link

To create a link, go to the tab Promote of the job in question and locate the Share section by scrolling further down on this page. Here, click on Trackable share link to get started:

Start by naming the share link. This name will be added to the end of the link URL and used to identify it from other trackable share links in your account.

As an example, giving it the name salesforum results in a link that looks something like this:

To retrieve your unique link, click View share links & QR codes and then Copy. You're now ready to share it!

Follow up on the stats

After you've created and shared your link, it's time to follow up on its performance. You will see this in Analytics, on the candidate cards, and in your share link history in the job process.


In the jobs report or on your main Analytics page, you will find a report called Promotions. This report will display how the created trackable share link/s performed such as the number of visits and applications generated.

Candidate card

If an application comes through this unique link, this will be displayed on the candidate card. You'll see stated in the Activity tab, and by hovering over Trackable share link you'll see specifically which link.

Share history

In the job process where the share link was created, you can see the number of applications generated from the link. Head over to the Promote tab and open Show share links & QR code to see the data.

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