To publish jobs on Arbetsförmedlingen you need a Sender ID (same as your customer ID). If you don't have this, go to Arbetsförmedlingen here

  1. When you have your Sender ID, visit the Promote tab on a published job in Teamtailor.

  2. Click Activate on the Arbetsförmedlingen channel and enter your Sender ID and organization number.

  3. Click Activate and you're ready to publish jobs to Arbetsförmedlingen.

If you can't find your job ad at Arbetsförmedlingen:

If a job posting can't be found at Arbetsförmedlingen, it might be because:

Your Sender ID is missing in our system
Your Sender ID is wrong in our system
The job postings Location is incorrect

Please get in touch with our support team, via chat or email us, with your Sender ID and we will help you! 

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