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Set up: Locations & Regions
Set up: Locations & Regions

Ensure your team and your candidates knows where you are hiring

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Add your company's locations in Teamtailor to organize your job postings both internally and externally. This allows your team to get a good overview and your candidates can find jobs relevant to them.

Add a new location

Head on over to Settings → General → Locations to set up your locations. Add a new location to your account by clicking the pink + button in the top corner.


Start by adding the address for the location. Keep in mind that many external job boards require a job posting's location to have a full street address.

Location name

As an optional step, you can name your location if you want to refer to it in a specific way. This would, for example, be a great way to separate locations in the same city.

This name will be used for the location in the platform as well as externally on the career site. The city of the added address is used as default if no name is added.

Email / Phone

Add contact details related to this location, for eg. a general email connected to the office or phone number to the person of contact for this site.

This will be displayed on the location information in the Locations map block on the career site.


Add Regions to your locations to organize them further, for eg. by city, country, or even continent. Choose between pre-existing regions in the dropdown list, or create a new one by typing the name and hitting enter.

All your added regions can be found under the Regions tab on the settings page. Here you can find an overview of the locations connected to each region.

Headquarters / Visibility

By marking the section This is our headquarters, you mark this location as your headquarters. This location be displayed on your career site as the default location in your Locations map block.

Your team will also be able to see this information in the job postings.

If you want to add a location that shouldn't be visible on the career site you can do so by marking Do not show on career site. The location will then be hidden from the career site and Connect.

Add locations to your jobs

Having a location added to a job is essential to ensure your job listings are picked up by external job boards you have activated in your account. If no location is selected, the company headquarters will be used.

You can add multiple locations to your job postings if the position can be located in different locations. However, note that only the first location will be picked up by external job boards.

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