What is Connect?

People visit your career site for different reasons. Some people are searching for a new job and some are just curious and want to learn more about your company. 

What happens to candidates that don't find their dream job? Or the ones that are really interested in your company but not yet ready to apply?

With Connect they have a way to tell you they are interested and in what area. After connecting they will subscribe to future job openings and be notified when you post a new job in their area of expertise. Next time you post a job ad it might just be the right job and perfect timing for them to apply! 

Your company is able to start building your candidate database with future potentials and at the same time reach those hard to get, passive candidates.

How does it work? 

You find the Connect button on top of your career site and in the upper right corner when searching through your career site. 

When connecting the candidate will fill in what department and role they are interested in. They can choose to connect with their LinkedIn or Facebook profile or fill in their email address. 

After connecting they will be able to give you more information like a CV, upload a picture or a document and give a short pitch to really stand out from the crowd. You can also add specific questions for the candidate to answer to be able to sort them easier later.

Where can I find Connected candidates?

You can find your connected candidates under the tab Candidates. Here, go to filters and filter on Connected. 

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