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Build your candidate database and reach those passive candidates.

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What is Connect?

People visit your career site for different reasons. Some people are searching for a new job and some are just curious and want to learn more about your company. But, what happens to candidates that don't find their dream job? Or the ones that are really interested in your company but not yet ready to apply?

With Connect they have a way to tell you they are interested and in what area, and adding themselves in to your candidate bank. Not only that, they also have the possibility to subscribe to future job openings per their settings to be notified when you post a new job in their area of expertise. Next time you post a job ad it might just be the right job and perfect timing for them to apply! It helps nurture candidates and build relationships in a candidate-driven market.

Connect is a feature built for your candidates, you can just lean back and reap the benefit of the feature ✨

How does it work? 

Candidates can connect to your company in various ways. When they visit your career page, the connect button is always located next to your job openings button. Additionally, the option to connect appears after a candidate has applied for a job.

To enable connections, you need to create departments and roles in your settings, even if there are no current openings in those areas. You can also add questions for candidates to answer when they connect to a department or role to gain a good overview of the candidate. Learn more about how to set up Connect!

On the candidate side, when they click connect, they are directed to a page where they choose the departments and/or roles they want to connect with. They create a profile using Facebook, LinkedIn, or email and answer the questions you've set up. They can skip stages or questions and upload additional documents and a photo if desired. Candidates can edit their connected departments or roles and job subscription preferences at any time.

Once a candidate connects, they receive an automatic email thanking them for their interest. You find this email in your Message template settings, with the tag Connect email. Customize this email so if suits the tone of your company, but remember it will go out to candidates who connect to all departments and roles, so keep it general.

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