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Set up: Connect

Provide the best experience for your connected candidates by setting up your account and customizing their Connect dashboard

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Connect makes it possible for candidates to express their interest in working with your company and provides an opportunity for them to learn more about you.

By connecting, the candidate shows which department and role they are interested in. This also allows them to subscribe to updates on future job openings that align with their preferences, helping you build a talent pool. Win-win!

To ensure the quality of your connected candidates and give the best possible experience, take some time to set up your account by following the steps below.

1. Company settings

⚙️ Only users with Company Admin access can set up Departments, Roles, and Locations in the account settings.

We are starting off under Settings → Company where we set the foundation for Connect and your career site as a whole.

Departments & Roles

First things first, let’s talk about your departments. Adding departments to your account has a lot of benefits, starting with potentially interested candidates as it gives them an insight into which areas of work your company has. This means the candidates already from the start can tell you what they are interested in.

Head over to Settings → Company → Departments and here, click + New department to create a new department.

Once you’ve added your departments, you can also define them further by adding the different roles within the department. Do so by clicking + New role next to the department name under the Roles section.

Learn more about how to set up your Department & Roles here.


Next up, add all your different locations. This allows your candidates to show you where they are interested in working. To add a new location, click + New location and enter the address. 

Learn more about how to set up your Locations here.

2. Connect overview

🎨 Only users with Company Admin or Content role add-on access can set up the Connect overview in Content.

With the foundation in place, it's time to customize the Connect dashboard candidates access when they have connected. While working on it you can preview directly in Content how it will look for your candidates.

Head over to Content and access the Connect overview settings found at the top right corner:

Customize for departments and roles

When a candidate connects with your company they choose which department and role they are most interested in. You can ensure they get a personalized experience based on their expressed interest. Ask questions and content relevant to the department, making it easier to get to know that specific team.

While on the Connect overview page, you can switch between your different departments and roles allowing you to customize them separately. Click on the button displayed below and choose which dashboard you want to customize.

💡 In the example above we are customizing the blocks visible for candidates connected to a specific role/all roles in the Customer Support department.


Start by adding a cover image to bring your own touch to the Connect dashboard. The logotype used will be collected from your Global design settings.

Your candidates will be able to choose their preferred theme on the dashboard, including light/dark mode and accent color used for links and details on their page.

Welcome message

Greet your candidates with a personal touch by setting up a welcome message.

This message will be displayed on the dashboard in the bottom corner. The sender alias for the message will be the assigned Department Manager for each department.

If no manager is chosen for your department your Career Site Manager will be used instead. The same goes for dashboards where the candidates have connected to All departments.


Make sure to find out what you want to know about each candidate from the very beginning by asking Connect questions. These four questions are always presented to the candidate by default:

  • Any basic details to share?: Add first/last name and phone number

  • Where do you want to work?: Choose the desired location/s to work

  • Upload resume: Add resume file

  • Pitch yourself: Stand out from the crowd by highlighting why you would make a great candidate for the company

You also have the possibility to ask your own questions. Choose from pre-existing ones or create new ones.

General questions

Set up questions you would like all candidates to answer, regardless of what department/role they are interested in. This could be information that is always important or interesting to know. Add these questions in the Questions block under All departments:

Department questions

You also add questions that are related to a specific department. Whenever a candidate connects with that department, they will get to answer these questions. Add these questions in the Questions block under the department in question:

Role questions

Finally, you can add questions related to a specific role within a department. For eg. take the opportunity to find out if the candidate has the skills necessary for the role. Add these questions in the Questions block under the role in question:


This block gives you the possibility to upload content you would like to highlight a little extra to your future candidates. Upload a video highlighting your company culture, share images of the team, or maybe a GIF to add a playful element to the dashboard.

​You can also customize the section to the departments and roles, to make the candidate experience even more personal.


Use our add-on feature Team stories to showcase what it's like to work at your company. Read more about this here!


Share up-to-date content with your future potential candidates using Posts. Let them more about you as an employer for eg. by sharing general updates, activities, or events. Get started here.


At the bottom of the dashboard, your candidates will find a link to both your career site, company website and social media account you have added.

The company site and social media links are added in the Footer block on the Home page in Content.

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