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Integrate the Career widget
Integrate the Career widget

Put a widget on any part of your website

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We want you to get the best candidates possible! And to do so, you have to make sure the right people get to see your job ads. This is why you can put a Career widget on any part of your website, to make sure that you drive traffic to your career site.

With its sleek design, it subtly pops up on the right or left side. From there, your visitors can click on it to make it expand, and then choose to read more about the job openings, you and your co-workers, or your departments. Or simply browse through your career site.

Create the widget

Creating this widget in your Teamtailor account is just a matter of heading over to Settings→Widget. Here you will find the option for the Career button.

Position & Color

Start by selecting what placement the widget should have on the page you’re adding it to left/right and bottom/top of the page. The color selector decides the widget’s color so add your brand's hex color, to make sure the widget has the right design.


The widgets will by default take the language of your career site (set under Settings→Language). If you’re working with Multiple career site languages you will have the option to select what language your widget should use.

Generate the script

After these very few settings, the script needed is right there, waiting for you. So now just copy the script and paste the code before </body> on every webpage that you want the widget to appear on.

To integrate the widget on your website, you need to have access to your web pages and be able to insert code on them.

Content of the widget

The career widget consists of a mini version of your career site, and contains your latest jobs, a random selection of your team members, and three of your departments. All presented content contains links that take the visitor to that specific page of your career site.

Yep, it is as simple as that. Now go wild with your widget!

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