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How to add a career site in another language

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This solution is perfect for companies that want to broaden their marketing towards candidates speaking other languages. With this smart solution, you will be able to add similar career sites with translated content, or create a completely unique experience for different languages. All while keeping your candidates in one account.

This solution is not for companies that want to have separate branding and logo on their different career sites. In those cases, we recommend using a group solution. Your account manager can help you get started.

This is an Add-on feature, so to start using it you need to activate it under your Feature center.

Add new languages

After you’ve enabled this feature, you head over to your Settings where you can add the languages you want to work with. Do so by clicking ➕ Add language.

When you create a new language, Teamtailor creates this language for you to use in message templates, questions, etc. This does not automatically add any content.

When adding the language, you start by selecting what language this is and then what emoji you want to represent this version (note that this is only displayed internally). You will have the option to clone an existing career site, if you choose to not do this your new page will be a blank slate.

Clone career site means you get to select a site to clone, and all blocks will be cloned. This means that you will be able to work from an existing page, just having to translate the content on this new page. You'll be able to remove blocks from the cloned page if you want to.

💡 In the example above, we’re creating a new language and have chosen Norwegian and the Norwegian flag 🇳🇴 as emoji. The new career site will be created as a clone of the existing Swedish site.

After you created the new language, you will see it listed under your settings. The next step is now to review, edit, and add the Content of this page.


To edit the content of your new language, click the three dots and 🔗 Open in Content, this sends you to the content editor of this specific page.

You will also be able to access all the different languages’ editors by hovering over the Content tab in your main navigation, like so:

Before going live, please make sure that you have completed the next step in this article (adding translations). That will ensure that the candidates get a fully translated experience on your career site.

Once you're done and happy with the result, it's time to go live with this site. Go to your Settings→Languages. Click the three dots and toggle active on!

The URL will automatically be your current domain, with a two-letter language code following it. For example for a French site.

Your career site will automatically link to the other sites in the footer.

💡 Why not make your different language sites more prominent on your career site by adding a Tile & link block or CTA button?

Add translations to Settings

Go to Settings to add language versions in the different sections. You'll see a language tab at the top of the page, where you can switch languages and enter information. Translating these things will make sure that your candidates get a completely localized experience, all through your career site, Connect, and the application process.

Add the translated content to:

  • Departments

  • Locations

  • Questions

  • Message templates

  • Approval checkboxes

You can see an overview over which sections need a translation, like here in Questions. To make the experience as smooth as possible, make sure to add the translations to all of them.


To make sure that the job ad written in another language gets content in the correct language, you need to add which language this job ad is written in. This setting can be found in the Job posting section of your job. This setting also determines which career site the job shows up on.

After adding this, you will also see which questions you can use that have been translated to that particular language. This will make sure that the application form shows that question in the correct language.


When a candidate applies through that specific language career site, it will be visible on the candidate in the bottom application bar. The candidate will automatically receive automatic emails and communication in their preferred language, if that has been added by you in Settings.

You will now also have a new filter in Candidates, which lets you filter on languages.

Tip: Select your most used filters and add them as a segment, to be able to get a quick overview next time you're searching for candidates.

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