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Handling errors when sending text messages (SMS) to your candidates
Handling errors when sending text messages (SMS) to your candidates

Learn more about the different errors that may occur when texting with your candidates

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Occasionally, a phone number added may be invalid, stopping us from sending SMS messages to the candidate. In such cases, the candidate card will display this information under Messages, letting you know that you will be unable to communicate via SMS with the existing number. Users selecting a candidate with an invalid number will be prompted to enter a new and updated phone number.

Could not deliver message

If an SMS message cannot be delivered, an indication will be displayed next to the message:

The reason why a message wasn't delivered could be due to various reasons. It can be considered SPAM or a marketing message if you, for example, send identical messages to multiple candidates, or if the message contains more than the allowed 1600 characters. 

Opt out keywords

Teamtailor handles standard English reply messages such as STOP, UNSTOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL for incoming SMS messages, following industry standards. 

If a candidate has opted out of SMS messages, a message will appear under Messages:

Here is a list of all of the supported keywords:


Any of these replies will prevent new messages from being sent to the phone number the candidate is responding from.


Any of these replies will enable new messages to be received again to the number the candidate is responding from.


Any of these replies will return a message informing the candidate on how they can unsubscribe from new messages.

All supported opt-in/opt-out keywords are case-insensitive and the message should only include the specific opt-out/opt-in keyword to be valid as a keyword.

You can always reach our support team in the chat or via email if you need further help!

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