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Manage your tasks with To-dos
Manage your tasks with To-dos

Work more efficiently by structuring your workday with the to-do feature

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A great way to keep your recruitment game organized is to keep to-do lists. And what better way to do this than right in the platform where you already manage your recruitment? Let’s talk about the To-do feature.

With this feature, you are able to add scheduled tasks on what needs to be done and when. You can add tasks that remind you about anything, but can also link them to specific candidates so that nothing is forgotten.

To-do manager

Click the icon with a check at the top of your screen when logged in. This will open up your task/to-do manager.

In your To-do manager, you’ll see all your todos and when they are due, and you can also create new ones. To create a new one, simply click the big plus at the top of the manager.

Create a to-do

When creating a to-do, there are four easy questions to take into consideration:

  1. What is the to-do for?

  2. When should it be done?

  3. Is it linked to a candidate?

  4. Who should do it? (if left blank, the to-do is assigned to yourself)

💡 In the example here, the to-do added is to remember to call the references for the candidate Sam Smith. It should be done next Monday and has been assigned to a team member.

Connecting the task to a candidate means you'll have easy access to the candidate when it's time to complete the task, and it'll also show up on the candidate's profile.

Manage/Edit a to-do

After you’ve created the task, it will be listed in your to-do list. When hovering over the to-do, you’ll see some options. Let’s go through them!

First, you can with one click reschedule the task due date:

📆 Today - Move the due date to today

☀️ Tomorrow - Move the due date to tomorrow

➡️ Next Monday - Move the due date to the next upcoming Monday

🚫 No date - Remove the due date

In the same view, you’re also able to

  • Edit the to-do

  • Delete the to-do - this removes the to-do from your entire system. A deleted to-do cannot be retrieved

  • View candidate profile - if you’ve linked the task to a candidate, this allows you to open the candidate’s profile for easy access

View your to-dos

You will be able to view your to-dos in several places on the platform, so they will be difficult to miss!

Firstly, you’re able to view your to-do’s in your to-do manager. Here, you are able to edit the order you view your tasks, as well as include the completed to-dos.

Any to-do assigned to a candidate can also be viewed and managed directly from the candidate’s profile, under the dedicated To-do tab.

You will also be able to view your upcoming tasks as a widget on your dashboard, so it’s one of the first things you see when you log in. This looks something like this:

Lastly, tasks with a set due date will be included in the daily planner email to remind you or other assigned users about completing the task.

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