Recruitment is unique for every company, and this should be reflected in your Teamtailor dashboard! So, customize your dashboard so it contains the info you and your team need. 

To tailor your dashboard, navigate to the Widget library at the top left of your dashboard.

Add the widgets you want to use, and drag and drop them in place. If you want to remove a widget, delete it by clicking the X. 

Team widgets/personal widgets

As a Company Admin, you have the access to add widgets all users. Simply add them above the dashed line. 

All widgets added below the --- dashed line --- will only show up on your personal dashboard. 


Let's take a look at the different widgets you can add! 

Custom message

Create your own widget by adding a Custom message. Click Custom message (1), create the widget by adding a title, an appropriate emoji, background colour and then a message (2). Add the widget to your library, drag it to your dashboard and enjoy your work (3). If you're an admin, add a reminder/inspirational quote for the entire team to see! 

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