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Customize your dashboard

Team-tailor your Teamtailor dashboard

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Recruitment is unique for every company, and this will probably be reflected in your Teamtailor dashboard! So, customize your dashboard so it contains the info you and your team need. 

To tailor your dashboard, navigate to the Widget library at the top right of your dashboard. Add the widgets you want to use and drag and drop them in place. If you want to remove a widget, delete it by clicking the X.

Team widgets/personal widgets

As a Company Admin, you can add widgets that will be displayed for all users. Simply add them above the dashed line. Please note that not all widgets are accessible to all users. All widgets added below the --- dashed line --- will only show up on your personal dashboard.

Available widgets

💡 All widgets with the infinity icon (∞) next to them can be added as many times as you want. Other widgets can only be added once.

📆 Calendar

The Calendar/Upcoming meetings widget gives you a quick overview of all the upcoming meetings you have scheduled for the coming month.

If a date has a small dot underneath the date (see the 3rd and 5th in the screenshot), you have a meeting planned that day.

📈 Career stats

This widget is only accessible by your Company admins.

The Career stats widget gives you a quick insight in last weeks statistics on your career site.

At a glance, you’ll see:

  • Number of visits and a comparison to past week

  • Number of applications submitted, as well as a comparison to past week

  • Number of connects done, including a comparison to past week

📣 Custom message

With the Custom message widget, you can add whichever message you want. This is a great place to include general information for your team.

Or why not add an inspirational quote?

To create a new Custom message, select the widget by dragging it to the desired location of your dashboard. Add a title, an appropriate emoji, a background color, and then a message. To edit the widget, hover over the message and click the cogwheel that appears. This allows you to edit/delete the custom message.

🕵️ Data & privacy

This widget is only accessible by your Company admins.

The Data & privacy widget gives you an insight into the current status of your privacy settings.

Click on the number to be linked directly to this segment in your candidate bank.

💡 Did you know...

Take a look at the Did you know... widget for tips & tricks from the Teamtailor team.

🖼️ Image

Add image/s to your Teamtailor dashboard. Why not include a picture of the entire team from your last team activity, or share a motivational quote?

🧑‍💻 Internal jobs

Working with Internal recruitment? This widget allows you to list internal jobs directly on the dashboard, including an apply button.

Note that this widget is only available after you’ve enabled this Add-on feature.

🥳 Latest hire

This widget is only accessible by your Company admins.

The Latest hire widget will display the last hired candidate (=last candidate that was moved to the hired stage).

The hire widget is updated once per day.

🧑‍💻 My jobs

In the widget called My jobs, you will see all the jobs you’re a part of the hiring team for, with the status Current. You’ll also see some helpful indicators, like unread candidates and when the last application was made.

✔️ My to-dos

The to-do widget is a great way to make sure your users stay on top of their to-do list.

🎊 Product updates

Check out the lastest product updates in this widget, to make sure you stay on top of your Teamtailor game.

😺 Random gif

To spread some joy in your dashboard, you have the option of adding a random gif widget. This widget will randomly display a gif to your team.

You can limit the range of gifs that will be displayed by adding search terms. Only gifs within those search terms are displayed.

💡 Click the gif to watch another one.

🔗 Recent connects

The Recent connect widget will display a list of the candidates that recently connected with your team. Please note that you need to have access to a Team to see this widget.

🧩 Segment

The Segment widget will show you a preview and quick links to the Candidate segment of your choosing.

The segment displays the five newest candidates (based on creation date) in the segment.

When creating the Segment widget, you choose between the segments available for your user.

Personal segments cannot be viewed by everyone.

🤳 Team stories

Display your employees shared Team stories using this widget. The stories can be posted through the Teamtailor app.

Read more about Team stories and how to get started using it!

📹 Video

Add videos to your dashboard! Either record a video using your device’s camera or use a video you have hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.

This is a great way to share information in a more fun and dynamic way with all of your team members.

👋 Looking for the Employee dashboard? Check it out here!

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