Setting up Requisition Flows

Please note that this is an enterprise feature. Reach out to your contact person at Teamtailor or to for more information.  

The Teamtailor Requisition feature allows you to create requisition approval flows ahead of time, increasing accuracy and speeding up the process. This means you can set up specific flows for combinations of locations, departments, roles etc and one of these flows will be used when a new requisition is created which matches those parameters. 

To set up your flows, go to Settings > Requisition Flows and enable the feature. 

Default flow

The Default flow is the flow which will be used if a requisition is added which doesn’t match any of your custom flows. Please note, you have to have a default flow in place before you can create any custom flows.

1. To create a default flow, click Create default flow

2. Select which users should be in each step of the flow. Adding as many steps as you need and selecting if all of the users in that step need to approve the requisition before it moves to the next step or if just one of them has to approve it. 

You also have the option on the first step to enable the flow to be edited by anyone in that step. This is handy if the flow you are creating doesn’t perfectly match a future requisition or if key members of your team want to create the approval flows on the fly. 

If the person you need for the requisition flow isn’t already a member of the team you can invite other people via email using the “invite users to this site” link.

3. Save the flow. This flow will now be used for all requisitions.

Now we have the default flow created we can go ahead and create the custom flows which will be used instead of the default flow if their parameters match that of the requisition request.

Custom flow

  1. Click “Create Custom Flow” to open the flow editor. This editor works exactly the same as the default flow editor except the title bar is now editable and the location/role select boxes at the bottom have been added. 
  2. Select which locations, departments and roles you want this flow to be applicable to. By adding the extra parameters you are effectively saying: 

Use this flow if “The requisition has “Sweden” - “Stockholm”” set as the location. Then every requisition created for Stockholm will use this flow instead of the default flow. 

3. Save the flow.

You can create as many flows as you need. For locations, departments and roles and combinations.

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