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Let's take a tour through the four tabs you see under a specific requisition! 


Under Details, you see the requisitions information. Here, you for example see the title, monthly salary and number of expected hires. 

Approval flow 

Next, see how the approval flow is coming along. See which users approved/rejected the requisition. 

In this example, you see (2/2). This shows you that 2 out of 2 steps where approved. 


Under Jobs, you do two things:

  1. Once the requisition is approved, this is where you create the job. Do so by clicking + Job

  2. See the jobs published from the requisition. Click on the job to go straight to it!

In this example, you see a (1) after the header. Here you'll see how many jobs you've published from this requisition. 


Lastly, you can see how many hires you've made for the process. 

In this example, you see (1/3). This means 1 out of the 3 expected hires has been made (number of positions added to the requisition).

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