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Please note that this is an enterprise feature. Reach out to your contact person at Teamtailor or to for more information.

What is Requisitions?

With the Requisition, you can create requisition approval flows ahead of time, increasing accuracy and speeding up the process. In this article, you will learn how you create a new requisition.

To get full insight in this feature, you might also want to learn how to set up your approval flows, how to set up your requisition forms, as well as how to reject/approve a requisition.

Creating a requisition 

When you’ve enabled the Requisition feature, you need to create a requisition and have it approved, before you can publish the job. Let’s dive in to it!

💡 Flowchart above can be used to explain, in very easy way, how the flow from created requisition to a published job can look.

Start by heading over to the Jobs tab and click ➕ New Requisition at the right hand side of your screen.

You will be asked to complete the form, containing the Key requisition details, as well as the Other details.

When you’ve filled out the form, you will see which approval flow this requisition will use. This is based on the Location / Role selections done.

Once you’re done with the requisition, submit it! When doing so, the approval flow kicks into action and an approval request will be sent to your colleagues in the first step of the flow.

Once you have submitted a requisition you cannot change it. So make sure to double check everything!

After your requisition has been submitted for approval, the approval flow kicks in. Learn more about this here. This means your request to publish a job will be approved or rejected.

Approved - Creating a job from a requisition

Once your requisition has been approved by everyone in the approval flow, the option to create a job will be activated. You then go through and create a job using the job creation editor.

Good to know! If you use a job template when creating the job, this information takes priority over any information added in the initial requisition submission.

Rejected - Editing a requisition 

If your requisition request has been rejected, you will probably want to edit it and adjust according to feedback received.

Do so by heading over to the requisition, access its’ details and click Edit requisition. Here you make the necessary changes, and once you submit the requisition again, the approval flow is restarted.

💡 Under the tab Approval flow, you will be able to review the feedback left by the team in the approval flow.

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