Creating a requisition 

Please note that this is an enterprise feature. Reach out to your contact person at Teamtailor or to for more information.  

Before you can create a job, you first need to create a requisition and have it approved. 

  1. Go to Jobs (Main navigation menu in the header) > Click “Add New Requisition” button.

  2. Complete the form. 

You can see at this stage which flow this requisition is going to use. As you select locations and departments you will see the flow being used change as it matches your previously set approval flows.

(*Note If your organization requires specific information for requisitions there will be additional fields shown here.)

3. Click “Submit Requisition”. clicking this button kicks the flow into action. Emails will be sent to the people in the first step asking them to approve or reject the requisition. 

The approval flow is now in motion. You will be taken back to the Jobs/Requisitions page after clicking submit.

(Note* Once you have submitted a requisition you cannot change it. So make sure to double check everything.)


Editing a requisition 

If your requisition request has been rejected, you will need to edit it to get it approved.

  1. Click the notification in the app. 

  2. Review the feedback left by the approvers

  3.  Edit the form and make the appropriate changes

  4. Re submit the requisition for approval. This will start at the beginning of the flow again.

Creating a job from a requisition 

Once your requisition has been approved by everyone in the approval flow, the option to create a job will be activated. You then go through and create a job using the job creation editor. 

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