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Guided recruitment: Guide time ⏱
Guided recruitment: Guide time ⏱

Use guide time to set a goal for the maximum time a candidate should stay in this stage before being moved

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With Guided recruitment we make it easier for you to to set and achieve goals in your recruitment. Let's take a look at Guide time

A Guide time decides the maximum amount of time you want your candidates to stay in a specific stage before you take action. Once this time frame has passed, the candidate will be marked Overdue with a little stop watch. As soon as you move take action (move the candidate forward or reject the candidate) the indication will be removed, as you are back on track! 

If the stage contains overdue candidates, you’ll see this at the very top of the stage. Click it to filter out the overdue candidates, to make it easy to know which candidates need some extra attention.

Set guide time

Adding guide time as a stage option can be done in two ways: from the recruitment process, and when setting up the job.

Add guide time from recruitment process

To add the guide time directly in the recruitment process, hover over the specific stage and click the three dots in the top right corner. There, click Guide time and set your goal.

Add guide time when you create the job

You can also add the guide time as you are creating or editing the job. Under the step Stages, select Stage actions and add Guide time and set your goal.

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