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SMS several candidates at the same time

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As you might know, you're able to SMS with your candidates (read more about this feature HERE). But, did you know that you can send an SMS to several candidates at once. Super efficient 💥

As with any bulk action, enable the Bulk selector (1) and select the candidates you want to text (2). Then, select the Message (3) option from the bulk action bar and choose the option SMS. The message you enter will then be sent to the phone number added in the candidates profiles. 

If some of the selected candidates doesn't have a valid phone number entered, you can send that message as email instead. Click the Send as email... option displayed. This lets you make sure the candidate won't miss your message! 

☝️ Keep in mind! With great power comes great responsibility! Candidates can opt-out from receiving any kind of SMS and SMS providers can flag your number as a SPAM. You can read more about it HERE.

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