We believe in effective communication and even more in an efficient recruiting process. This is why we made it possible for you to SMS with your candidates! 😍 

Getting started

Activate the feature on your account! Go to (...) -> Settings -> SMS. Here, you click Get started. Only admins can activate new features. 

To setup SMS, you need to activate a number. To do so, add an address that the number will be associated with. Due to legal restrictions, you can only create a number in a country where you have an address. When you've added all the info and pressed Save, you're good to go! 

The number you activate can be used by all users at your account, to send and receive SMS to and from your candidates. This number can't be changed.

By the way, as a little treat, we give you the first 100 credits for free ❤️

Sending SMS

To send a SMS to a candidate, go to the candidates profile's Message tab and change the envelope icon to the phone icon.

The message will be sent as a SMS to the phone number the candidate has provided.

As you send your SMS, the message will turn pink, making it easy to separate them from the blue emails. 

Then, when a candidate replies, you'll receive a notification just like when you communicate via emails and the candidate chat. 

A SMS can contain up to 1600 characters. If you use more than 160 characters, it will be split up in to several SMS. So, if the message contains 160+ it counts as two messages. If the message contains 320+, that is three messages, etc. 


The only thing you pay for are the outgoing and incoming texts.

1 credit = 1 incoming or outgoing SMS. 

Oh, did you see the part where we give you the first 100 credits for free!  

Credit pricing

Add credits to send and receive SMS messages to and from your candidates. Chose a package with the amount of credits you want and click Purchase.

Small: 1000 SMS - 80 USD
Medium: 2500 SMS - 180 USD
Large: 10 000 SMS - 600 USD

Happy texting! 📱 

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