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Start texting with your candidates to communicate faster!

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We believe in effective communication and even more in efficient recruitment. This is why we made it possible for you to SMS with your candidates!

A Company Admin user needs to request this feature to be added by your Teamtailor contact person or support team. Please note that this feature may come with an additional cost.

Getting started

When it's enabled, go to Settings → SMS. Here, you click Get started.

To setup SMS, you need to activate a number. You do this in a 2-step-process.

Step 1/2 - Select the country you to send your text messages from. If your country is not supported you can select the United Kingdom instead.

Step 2/2 - Add the address you want the number to be associated with. Please ensure you add a street number to the address.

When you've added all the info and pressed Save, you're good to go! 

The number you activate can be used by all users at your account, to send and receive SMS to and from your candidates. This number can't be changed.

By the way, as a little treat, we give you the first 100 credits for free ❤️

Sending SMS

To send an SMS to a candidate, go to the candidates profile's Message tab and change the envelope icon to the phone icon. The message will be sent as an SMS to the phone number the candidate has provided.

As you send your SMS, the message will turn blue, making it easy to separate them from the pink emails. When a candidate replies, you'll receive a notification just like when you communicate via emails and the candidate chat. 

An SMS can contain up to 1600 characters in total. However, one credit is equal to 160 characters and if your message contains more characters, you will be charged more credits.

Please note that emojis count as more characters than letters/numbers. If you include emojis in your message, you might be charged more (one credit will be used for fewer characters). You can learn more about this here.

Credits and credit balance

The only thing you pay for is the outgoing and incoming texts. You’re charged 1 credit per incoming and outgoing SMS. How one SMS is calculated depends on the number/type of characters, and other factors such as what country you text, and how many the SMS is sent to. Get familiar with the specifics here!

Credit pricing

Add credits to send and receive SMS messages to and from your candidates. Chose a package with the number of credits you want and click Purchase.

Small: 1000 SMS - 80 USD | Medium: 2500 SMS - 180 USD | Large: 10 000 SMS - 600 USD

Refill your credits

You can always find your current credit balance by navigating to Settings→ SMS. You have two options when it comes to refilling your SMS credits: manually or automatically. When you’ve run out of credits, you will no longer be able to send outgoing text messages to your candidates.

1. Manually add more credits

To add more credits, simply click the Add more credits button right next to your credit balance (under Settings→ SMS) and follow the purchase flow. You will receive an invoice to your normal invoice address.

2. Automatically refill credits

This option means your credit balance is automatically renewed once reaching a certain balance. Learn more about automatic credit renewal!

💡 If you’ve messaged a candidate and your credit balance is down at 0, you will still be able to receive the texts from your candidates. You will then be put at a minus credit balance. Next time you refill your credits, you will repay the negative credits.

Credit billing

In-app purchases (such as SMS credits) are purchased using the credit card you’ve added in your billing information. You find the settings for your billing under SettingsBilling, where you can find and edit your credit card information.

Read more about billing and credit cards here!

Psst! If you’re seeing a prompt that says We have changed payment provider for SMS credits, this means you have yet to add your credit card information to your billing settings.

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