In our candidate view you can create customized Segments to easily find candidates that corresponds with specific criterias. Basically, create the candidate search you always use, save it and return to it over and over again!

Two different kind of segments 

  • Public: Company segments are available for your whole team. These can only be added and edited by Company Admins

  • Private: My segments are only available for the user creating them

Getting started

To create a segment, go to the tab Candidates, click Filters and customize your search by using our prepared filters and/or free text search. You can combine them as you like! When you're happy with your filters, click on Save as segment

Create/save a segment

  1. Give the segment a proper name and add a suitable emoji 💫

  2. Choose if the segment should be private or public by ticking the box (Make it appear for all users means it will be public)

  3. Click on Create Segment and your segment is saved  

Find a segment 

The Company segments and My segments are to be found in Candidates tab and down in the left hand corner. To apply one, just click on it and the candidates you are looking for will appear in the list, ready for you to take action on 🗣

This is a time saver and will help you from losing candidates in the big mass. Enjoy!

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