Keep your candidate database in check by organizing and keeping only relevant candidates. And with the GDPR, this is even more important as you're required to assure that the personal data you store is relevant. So, let's see how you can use Teamtailor filters to make this easy peasy! '

Under Candidates, you will be able to use filters to quickly find specific candidate segments. To find these, go to Filters

Filter on application status

When viewing the filters, you'll see Application status. This means you can filter on what status the candidates submitted application has. Here, it might be intressesting to see the candidates that was rejected in the past and determine if these would be relevant to keep storing for future recruitment. Under Application status, set Rejected: Yes and just like that you'll find all candidates that has been rejected.  

Sort on dates for creation and latest activity

Under the Filter section of the candidate bank, you're also able to find candidates that was created before, or haven't had an activity recored after a specific date. Use this filter to see if you have any old and inactivate candidates that you might no longer need to keep. 

Sort by ratings

Use the Ratings filter to find the candidates with lower ratings, as you've deemed them as less-than-ideal matches for your company. 

Use questions

If you have any questions that needs to be answered in a certain way, you could use the Questions filter. Maybe the candidate doesn't have the required work permits, or aren't willing to relocate? Find the specific question and set the answer you're not looking for, and you'll directly see the candidates you won't be able to work with. 

Bulk delete

Once you've identified the candidates you no longer need to keep in your candidate bank, it's time to delete them. This is done super efficiently with the bulk feature.

To do so, access the Bulk selector (1) and mark the candidates you wish to delete (2). In the menu that appears, click ... (3) and then Delete.

As a security precaution you’ll be asked to confirm the number of candidates you’re deleting, when you delete bulk candidates. State how many candidates you want to delete (1) and confirm by clicking delete candidates (2).

Deleted candidates are immediately permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

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