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Adding candidates to the system yourself.

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By proactively sourcing candidates, you make it easier to find and hire the right people at the right time. Let’s talk about how you can source candidates into your Teamtailor candidate bank.

🤓 Sourcing a candidate means you manually add them to your candidate bank, or from your candidate bank into a specific job process. These candidates will be distinguished by being tagged as Sourced.

How to source a candidate to your candidate database

Adding candidates to your database is as easy as 1-2-3, 1) head over to your candidate bank and click ➕ (Add candidates), 2) add the candidate/s information and 3) save. Bish bash bosh - done!

Let’s dig deeper into the 3 steps:

1) To start, find the big plus sign (Add candidates) in the top right corner, when you’ve navigated to the tab Candidate.

2) When you add the candidate's details you have the option of manually adding the information, as well as automatically parsing information from the candidate/s CV. This is also where you choose which department/role/location the candidate should belong to. Finally, at this stage, you can also choose to add the candidate to one of your open recruitment processes*.

*The settings you choose for the department/role/location and/or recruitment process will decide which users will have access to the manually sourced candidates. In this example, the hiring team of the job iOS developer, as well as any team with access the role Backend developer within the Product department will be able to view this candidate’s profile.

3) Save the candidate/s you’ve added by clicking Add candidates. They will now appear in your candidate bank (and in the process, you’ve added them in)

Adding multiple candidates at once?

When you’re sourcing candidates, you will be able to add several candidates at once. By attaching several CV’s, the system will create a candidate profile for each attached CV.

☝️ Keep in mind! If you’ve selected a recruitment process before saving, all candidates included in this round will be added to the pipeline of that job process.

Source a candidate to a job

If you want to add a candidate to a specific job, go to that job and then click (Add candidate).

Add candidates through our Chrome extension

You can also source candidates to your Teamtailor account directly from external sites, using our Chrome extension. Read more about it here.

Find all sourced candidates

You can filter all the manually added candidates under the tag Sourced. To do so, go to the Candidate tab in your Teamtailor dashboard and add the filter Candidate status: Sourced - Yes.

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