Manually adding a candidate into your Teamtailor account is called sourcing. When you add a candidate manually to the system, this candidate will be tagged as Sourced. They will now come up in the system as a sourced candidate. 

Source a candidate to a job

If you want to add a candidate to a specific job, go to that job and then click (Add candidate).

Source a candidate to your candidate database

To add a candidate profile to your candidate database simply go to tab Candidate (1). In the right-hand corner you will find +Candidate (2). Click there to add a new candidate.

You will see a form that looks like the screen below. 

  1. You can drag & drop a candidate file to the box and the system will parse the candidate's information, thus creating the candidate's profile accordingly.

  2. Or you can write in the candidate's information yourself

  3. Here you have the option to select which Department, Job, and Location you would like the candidate to belong to.

You also have the option, add more contact information, as well as upload a candidate's profile photo. 

When you're done simply click Add candidate at the bottom of the page, and you're good to go.

Add candidates through our Chrome extension

You can also source candidates to your Teamtailor account directly from external sites, using our Chrome extension. Read more about it HERE

Find all sourced candidates

Furthermore, you have the ability to filter all the candidates under the tag Sourced. To do so, go to the Candidate tab in your Teamtailor dashboard and open the Filters. Here, set Sourced: YES and you’ll see all candidates with the status sourced.

You can play around with the filters to set different criteria for your Sourced candidates. For example whether you want to filter only sourced candidates or Sourced and Referred candidates. However, in this example, Sourced candidates are the focus.

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