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By proactively sourcing candidates, you make it easier to find and hire the right people at the right time. Let’s talk about how you can source candidates into your Teamtailor candidate database.

Source a candidate

Sourcing a candidate means you manually add them to your candidate database, or from your existing candidates into a specific job process. These candidates will be distinguished by being tagged as Sourced.

Add a new candidate to your database

Start by navigating to your candidate database under Candidates. Here, click the pink plus sign button at the top right hand corner (+ Add candidates).

Enter the candidate's details manually or automatically parse information from the candidate's CV/resume. This is also where you choose which department/role/location the candidate should belong to. Finally, at this stage, you can also choose to add the candidate to one of your open recruitment processes*.

*The settings you choose for the department/role/location and/or recruitment process will decide which users will have access to the manually sourced candidates. In this example, the hiring team of the job Front End Developer, as well as any team with access to candidates within the Product department will be able to view this candidate’s profile. More information about this can be found here.

The final step is to save the candidate you’ve added by clicking Add candidates. They will now appear in your candidate database (and in the process, you’ve added them in).

Add a new candidate to a job

The option of adding a new candidate can also be found when viewing a job process under Jobs. The candidate will then be sourced directly into the job in question and will also be added to the candidate database.

Add existing candidate to a job

Have you found a promising candidate in your candidate database that you would like to include in an ongoing job process? Read more about how to manually add a candidate to a job here.

Add a candidate through our browser extension

You can also add candidates to your Teamtailor account directly from external sites, using our sourcing extension. Read more about it here.

Add multiple candidates at once

When you’re sourcing candidates, you will be able to add several candidates at once. By manually clicking + Add another candidate or attaching several CVs/resumes, the system will create a candidate profile for each attached document.

Keep in mind! If you’ve selected a recruitment process before saving, all candidates included in this round will be added to the pipeline of that job process.

Find all sourced candidates

You can use a filter to find all the manually added candidates in your account.

Filter in your candidate database

Go to the Candidates tab and click on + Add filter. Here pick Sourced under Candidate status and select Yes.

Filter in a job process

When viewing a job process you can enable filters directly in this view. Here you will find Sourced available as a filter under Status.

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