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Setting up Departments & Roles
Setting up Departments & Roles

Start working with departments and roles in Teamtailor

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Working with departments and roles is a great way to organize your entire Teamtailor account. This applies to both the recruiters working in Teamtailor and the candidates applying for the positions. 


To add a new department head on over to Settings→Departments→+Department

The information needed to be able to save a new department is the name of the department. You can also assign a manager to it. The Department manager will be the contact person in the connect emails sent out for job postings linked to this specific department.

You can also add Connect questions to the new department. These questions will be presented to the candidates that connect to this specific department. This is a good opportunity to gather information that is needed for job applications within this work area. 


Once you've got your departments in place it's also a good idea to add roles to the different departments. To add a new role to a department, click on +New Role

When creating a job you'll be able to assign a department and a role to that posting. The roles can be used by the candidates to filter the job postings on your career site, and the roles are also available for the candidates when connecting to your company. Read more about the connect feature in this article.

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