Our Smart Schedule syncs your calendar with your Teamtailor calendar, making calendar booking about 1067% easier (totally real numbers 📊). By setting your working hours and availability, candidates will only be able to select times you have have made available.  

Set it up

To add your working hours, head over to your Account settings (1) and click Meetings (2).

Here, scroll down to Set your working hours & availability and simply add/remove the times can/can't meet candidates. All pink slots are available, and all grey are blocked. 

When a meeting with a candidate is schedule, the system will not suggest the times you have blocked out. Of course, any other meetings occupying your calendar will also be unavailable for the specific meeting. 

You will by default see time slots from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. To change this, click the cog wheel and set your office hours. 

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