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Set your working hours and availability
Set your working hours and availability

Set your calendar availability to your preferred times

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Our Smart Schedule syncs your calendar with your Teamtailor calendar, making calendar booking about 1067% easier (totally real numbers). By setting your working hours and availability, you will make it a lot easier for your team members, candidates, and even yourself to book meetings that fits with your schedule.

Edit your calendar settings

To add your working hours, head over to your account settings and go to Meetings. This is where you can connect your calendar if you haven’t done so already.

At this page, scroll down to where you see Set your working hours & availability. This is where the magic happens.

Set working hours and availability

When editing your availability, you’re presented with a weekly calendar. Here you simply add/remove the times can/can't meet candidates. All pink slots are available, and all grey are blocked. When a meeting with a candidate is schedule, the system will not suggest the times you have blocked out, disregarding of if this slot is available or not in your actual calendar.

💡 In the screenshot above, the user has made it impossible to book Teamtailor meetings during 12-13 everyday. Also, Tuesday will always be blocked off, as will Friday afternoons.

You will by default see time slots from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. To extend this, click on the arrow above or below the time.

Limit number of meetings

Meeting candidates is a lot of fun, but to make sure you remain a control schedule you have the option of limiting the number of meetings for day/week. After the set amount of meetings have been confirmed for the period in question, it won’t be possible to book any additional meetings with you.

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