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Book a meeting

Schedule candidates for interviews directly through Teamtailor

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To start with, we recommend connecting your calendar to ensure you can use our smart scheduling feature. It will allow you to effortlessly send multiple date and time options that work for you and your team. This empowers the candidate to choose the most convenient meeting time, making the entire process smoother and more flexible.

Book a meeting

To schedule a meeting with a candidate, click Book meeting in the action bar found on the candidate card.

Start by adding details for the meeting. This information will be sent in the invite to the candidate.

Let’s look into the details displayed in this window, shall we?

Message / Job

The first section allows you to craft a message to be sent out together with the meeting invitation. This is also where you can select for which job the meeting is for.

Title / Team members / Organizers

Start by giving the meeting a title, which will be displayed in the invitation.
Invite the colleagues who will partake in the meeting. To do so, click on their profile under Team members.

Make sure the colleagues you're inviting also have connected their calendars to consider their availability. All users with a connected calendar are marked with a little calendar icon in front of their names, like this:

Finally, choose who will be the Organizer of the meeting. This person will be the sender alias of the meeting.

Location / Meeting room

For Location, choose between the locations set up in your account by clicking the location pin, or add a custom address. If the meeting is over video, you’ll be able to select the video service here. Read more about video meetings here!

If you’ve enabled the Meeting room feature, you will see an additional drop-down menu from which you can choose an available meeting room. You can read more about enabling meeting rooms here!

Time and date

Tell the candidate when to meet, or send time slots for them to choose from.

Set specific time: If you have agreed upon a time with the candidate, simply select the specific time and date.

Candidate self schedule: Send a booking form to the candidate, with available times from the selected team members* calendars to choose from. Learn more about this here!

* Team members with connected calendars.

Interview kit / Reminders

Add an interview kit that should be used for the interview and choose who should fill it out. Read more about Interview kits here!

You can also choose to send a feedback reminder to the team members. As well a reminder for the candidate 1 day before.

Message subject and description

Take a final look at the message and send it to the candidate!

What will the flow look like for the participants?


The invitation to the candidate is sent straight to their email inbox, and will look something like this:

On the left-hand side, you’ll see what the email looks like for a Candidate self schedule meeting. If the candidate clicks Go to booking form they will be taken to a calendar view where they can choose the time slot that suits them. If the candidate clicks View meeting details, they'll see the details of the meeting presented as seen on the right-hand side.

When your candidate selects a time, it will look something like this:

Team members

The users added to participate in the Team members section will also receive an invitation via email. This email will hold details of the upcoming meeting as well as a View meeting details button that takes the user directly to the candidate card and the meeting details. Here they can RSVP and see the communication sent to the candidate.

In the email invite, there is also an event attachment included (a file in .ics format). This can be used to add the meeting to the external calendar the participant is using. Depending on the email provider the file can be picked up and the calendar will then suggest adding the event automatically. If this is not supported by the provider the participant can easily download the file to add it manually.

The default calendar event will contain the following information:

  • Candidate name

  • Job title (if the meeting was booked within a job process)

  • Location (where the meeting will take place)

  • Link to video meeting (if video service has been chosen as location)

  • Link to meeting details (the event details added on the candidate card in Teamtailor)

Decide what information should be visible in the calendar events for your users in the Meeting visibility setting found under Settings → General. More on that here.


The organizer of the meeting will be the sender of the invitations to the candidate/s and participants added under Team members. However, they themselves will not receive an email invitation. Instead, the meeting is automatically added to their external calendar.

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