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Connect your calendar and video service
Connect your calendar and video service

Schedule smarter by connecting your calendar

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Connecting your calendar with Teamtailor simplifies the interview booking process, allowing you to concentrate on the interview itself. This feature streamlines scheduling, by allowing you to set your availability and connect video services.

Connect your calendar 

To get started head over to Your account (1) settings and the Meetings (2) section. Here click Connect your calendar (3) to initiate the connection process.

In the pop-up window, you will find a list of the calendar providers/services available to connect with. Here choose your calendar service and follow the instructed steps.

After connecting your calendar, you make additional settings. The calendar/s chosen under Calendar availability will be used to check available time slots when booking meetings. If the email is connected to several calendars you may also have to choose a Primary calendar. This will determine in which calendar the booked meeting events will be added.

Connect your video service

In the next section, you can connect an external video service to use for video meetings. By default, you have our built-in video service added. Simply click Connect video service to add an additional service.

You also have the possibility to set your working hours and availability. This allows you to control which hours you are available for meetings booked in Teamtailor. You can read more about setting that up here!

Finally, save your changes and you are ready to start using our Smart scheduling. Also if you at any point need you can also disconnect your calendar this can be done here.

Don't hesitate to share this setup with your colleagues so that everyone can benefit from this feature together!

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