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Work with External recruiters
Work with External recruiters

Invite recruiting agencies and external recruiters to help build your team

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If you work with external recruiters and/or recruiting agencies you can invite them to your Teamtailor account so you can work together 🤝

An external recruiter will have a limited access to your account and the jobs they are invited to. This access includes:

  • Add candidates to your selected job processes.

  • Access and manage only the candidates they have added

  • Communicate with the candidates they have added using Teamtailor

  • Work together with the rest of the hiring team under the tab Collaborate

Start working with external recruiters 

First things first, enable this ✨ Add-on feature and then head over to Settings→External recruiters. This is where you add and manage your external recruiters and external recruiting agencies. 

Invite an external recruiter to your account

To invite a new external recruiter, click + External recruiter. When you invite the external recruiter, you connect him/her to a Recruiting agency. Select an agency from the list, or create a new firm. 

The person you've added when then get an email with the invitation. This email will look something like this ↓

Recruiting agencies 

All external recruiters must be connected to a recruiting agency. You find all your added agencies like this. In this view you will also see how many recruiters that belongs to that specific agency. 

💡 Please note! All external recruiters belonging to the same agency will see all candidates added by recruiters within agency (if they have access to that specific job) making their collaboration even easier.

Invite an external recruiter to a job

When you create a job after enabling this feature, you will see a new stage called External recruiters. Here, you add the external recruiters you want to give access to this specific process. The recruiters/firm added will be able to source candidates to this process, and also manage these candidates in this specific job process.

Recruiting agencies - inviting an agency will give access to all recruiters connected to this agency.

External recruiter - in this field you add individual recruiters to access this process.

As you invite agencies/recruiters to work on this process, they will receive an automatic email. You see this email under Invite message. By default, your Default job invite email is used for this.  

You can edit this default message template under Settings→Message templates

Sourced externally

When an external recruiter adds a candidate, this candidate will get the tag Sourced externally and you will see which recruiter added this candidate. 

The recruiter that added this candidate will be able to manage/view this candidate, and your team will see all actions taken by the recruiter. Note that the external recruiter only has access to the candidates added by themselves or other recruiters from their agency within jobs they have been given access to.

Find all externally sourced candidates

Under the Candidates tab, you will find two filters that will be helpful when finding your externally sourced candidates.

  • Find all candidates that are externally sourced by added in the filter Sourced externally: yes

  • Looking for candidates sourced by a specific external recruiter/recruiting agency? Use the filters External recruiter or Recruiting agency.


Teamwork = dreamwork, so use the tab Collaborate to work together in this process. Please note that this includes all members of the hiring team, both company users and external recruiters from all agencies added to the job.

External recruiter mode

When your external recruiter logs in to your Teamtailor account, they work in the external recruiter mode. Check out this article to learn more about the external recruiter mode 📖

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