As an External recruiter, you can collaborate with the company you're recruiting for directly in their Teamtailor account. 

After you've been invited to a process, you will be able to:

  • manually add candidates to that process

  • manage the candidates you have added

  • collaborate with the rest of the hiring team

The team you're working with will be able to see which candidates you've added and work together with you in these profiles. 

The collaboration starts with you being invited to join your partner's account. This email will look something like this ↓

💡 Are you working with multiple companies using Teamtailor? No worries, you can use one login to access all accounts. More info here!

When your partner starts a recruitment process you will be a part of, you will receive an email informing you that you were invited to a specific job. This is where the collaboration starts! 

External recruiter mode

When you log in to your partner's account, you will enter the External recruiter mode.


You will see the tab Jobs, which will show you a list of all jobs you've been invited to help out on. Accessing a specific job will show you that job's recruitment process. This is where you can add a candidate for consideration. You will then get access to the candidate/s you have added, and see their progress in this process.

Add a candidate

To add a candidate to the process, go to the job in question and click + Candidate in the top right corner. Candidates you add will get the tag Sourced externally so your partner easily sees which candidates are added by an external recruiter. 

Which candidates will you see?

As an external recruiter, you will only have access to the candidates you have added. If you have more external recruiters from the same agency working on this recruitment, you will see each other's candidate's too. 

💡 Watch this how-to video here for a crash course in how to work with a candidate card in Teamtailor.


All jobs you’re invited to have a Collaborate tab, where you and the hiring team can communicate. Please note that this includes all members of the hiring team, both company users and external recruiters from all agencies added to the job.


When you log into your account, you will also see a tab titled Candidates. In this view, you see all candidates added by you in one place, regardless of which process you've added them to. You can also add candidates of interest here, without them being interesting for a specific job.

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