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What happens when I publish a job ad?
What happens when I publish a job ad?

Overview of what automatically happens when you publish a job in Teamtailor

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When you're ready to publish your job ad and click on Publish, this is what happens:

  • It will be published on your career site

  • The job will automatically be posted on the free channels we've have integrated and you have enabled. Check your Marketplace to find out more!

  • It will generate an email to candidates that's Connected with the Department, Role and Location you've added to the job

  • It will generate an email to all employees in the system if they have that setting in their notifications

You can also choose to promote your job ad to different external channels to boost the ads reach! 

What is promote?

Leverage social media to enhance your recruiting strategy! Reach billions of potential candidates, target specific demographics and build relationships directly with your candidates. All for a low cost and with a few clicks.

For more detailed info regarding promotions, click here

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