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By activating our integration with Lucca, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send a candidates profile to your Poplee Core HR platform with Lucca.

Getting Started

To enable the integration, you first have to connect your existing Lucca account through our Marketplace page. Once in the marketplace, click on the Lucca card and press Activate. A message window will open where you can contact our support team and give them your:

  1. Lucca API key

  2. Url when logged into Lucca

    1. For example

When creating the Lucca API key, make sure to give it the following rights:

  • Consult Lucca data

  • Modify Lucca data

  • Modify establishments and legal units

  • Administration of departments

Once our team has received the API key, your Teamtailor/Lucca integration will be up and running shortly.

Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

You can set up the Lucca trigger and send your new hires data automatically to the Poplee Core HR platform when a candidate card reaches the chosen stage (Hired).

To add a trigger:

  1. Go to a job where you would like to place the Lucca trigger

  2. Click on the triggers tab under applications in a chosen Job.

  3. Click the plus button ✚ to add the trigger.

Choose the Establishment and Department you would like the candidate to be sent to when reaching the selected stage.

Now every time you move a candidate on a Job to this stage, it will tell the Teamtailor application to send their information to Lucca.

You will also see the candidates card in Teamtailor now has a status of "sent" under the name Lucca.

Information being sent to Lucca

Fields in Lucca

Fetched from these fields in Teamtailor

First and Last name

Candidates first and last in their Teamtailor profile


Candidates email in their Teamtailor profile


Candidates email in their Teamtailor profile

Legal Identity ID

Chosen on trigger as Establishment

Department ID

Chosen on trigger as Department


Candidate card phone number

Contract Start Date

Custom Field Date: Contract Start Date

Date the webhook is triggered (when the integration event is trigger and candidate is sent to Lucca)


Q: What happens if candidate has the same email address as someone already in my Lucca platform?

A: You will need to input a different email address before initiating the trigger on Teamtailor as you cannot have duplicate entities in Lucca with the same email.

Q: Where do I get the API Key from?

A: The API Key can be generated within your Lucca platform by going to Settings/ API Keys/ Generate API Key.

Q: Can I update the information that is sent to Lucca?

A: Yes, any information that’s been sent to Lucca, can be edited on your Lucca account after being sent.

Integration Video

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