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Analytics and Insights

Get insight in your recruitment and optimize your hiring

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Analytics: Teamtailor's page tracking toolLearn how career site analytics is tracked to give you insight in the engagement on your career site
Get insight into your recruitment pipelineGet familiar with the reports: Pipeline overview, Pipeline speed, and Pipeline conversion.
Stage types for a better pipelineCategorise your recruitment stages for better analytics
Analytics: Create snapshot custom reportsCreate tailored reports with the different columns and filters you’re interested in seeing
Analytics: Jobs reportGet valuable insights from your recruitment with different data points
Analytics: Employees reportFollow the recruitment activities made by your employees
SurveysSend custom surveys to your candidates
EEO Reporting and SurveysHow to work with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting in Teamtailor
AnalyticsGain complete insight and reports on all parts of your recruitment
Analytics: Audience reportsGet insights in where your visitors came from
Analytics: Team reportsFollow the activity of your most active users
Analytics: Recruitment reportsGet an overview of how your recruiting is going
Get started with NPSWhat does NPS stand for, and what are the benefits of measuring it?
BI-connector overviewConnect your Teamtailor account with your BI system in order to dive deep and find what data matters most to your organization
Analytics: Current pipelineGet an overview of your current recruitment pipeline
Analytics: Create custom historic reportsCreate customized tables and visual graphs on all of your historic data.