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Choose the right job category on Arbetsförmedlingen
Choose the right job category on Arbetsförmedlingen

An overview of all occupation levels

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When you’re promotion a job on the Swedish job board Arbetsförmedlingen (/Platsbanken), you will place the job in the correct occupation categories. This ensures that the job posting is placed in the correct place on Arbetsförmedlingen, making it easier for the potential candidates to find your listing.

The promotion you create is placed in three different levels of occupation.

  1. Field (Område)

  2. Group (Grupp)

  3. Function (Yrke)

Note that the levels are ordinal, meaning you first have to select 1. Field before you can select the type of 2. Group and then 3. Role.

To make this easier for you and your team, you will in this article get some help on how the different occupation levels are filtered/added. We have compiled all the occupation levels and their relations in a list. Check it out!

💡 Example on how to use

Say you’re looking for the function Skattejurist but you don’t know how what Field and Group this is placed under. Worry not - just use the find feature in your browser (⌘ + F in Mac, Ctrl + F on Windows) and search or the occupation.

In this example, you have now learned that you will find Skattejurist right there under:

  1. Field: Administration, ekonomi, juridik

  2. Group: Affärs- och företagsjurister

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