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Gain a better overview of which candidates match the requirements in your ongoing recruitment process.

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Finding the right person for a job isn't always easy! With lots of talented people out there, your mission is to discover who's the best match for the position.

To make this process fair and efficient having a structured evaluation is a great place to start. By evaluating candidates in the same way and focusing on how well their profiles match the role’s requirements, you can reduce bias and find the best person for your role. A recipe for success!

Evaluating your candidates in Teamtailor will result in a Job match score, which helps provide a better overview of which candidates best match the desired Skills and Traits:

Let's take it step by step!


You will find the Evaluation step when editing or creating a new job (or job template).

Before proceeding, please make sure you have Interview kits enabled on your Teamtailor account.

Skills and Traits

In this section, you can add the Skills and Traits that you are looking for in your new colleague. Select pre-existing options from the drop-down menu, or create new ones by clicking + Add a new skill or trait. Skills will be marked in blue, and Traits in yellow.

Once the Skills and Traits have been added, you can determine their importance by adjusting the relative weight assigned to each skill and trait. Those marked as high are the most important ones for this job.

Interview kits

Next up is adding one or several interview kits. You can create new interview kits or use existing ones. If you've added a skill or trait to the job that matches an existing interview kit, that interview kit will be highlighted as Suggested.

Note that your Skills and Traits need to be included in the Interview kit if you want these to affect the candidate's Job match score.

If you create a new Interview kit, the Skills and Traits picked for the job, are automatically added to the kit:

💡 Any user with access to creating jobs can create new interview kits directly in the job's editing mode under the Interview kits section.

Perhaps you want to evaluate certain Skills or Traits during the process, but you don't want your scoring on that certain skill or trait to affect the candidate's overall Job match score.

No problem! You can add additional Skills and Traits to the Interview kit. These will not be taken into consideration in the Job match score. Instead, they will be shown in the Interview feedback section:

Add questions to your Interview kit

What questions would you like to ask to help evaluate the chosen Skills and Traits? The next step is to add the questions you want to ask during the interview, based on the Skills and Traits you've chosen for the job. Drag and drop to change the order of your questions:

Assign to a stage

Once added, you'll see the option to attach this Interview kit to a certain stage of the process. That kit will then be pre-selected when scheduling an interview with a candidate at that stage.

Attaching an interview kit to a stage is especially useful if you're planning on using multiple kits in the same job. You can create as many Interview kits as you need, and connect them to different stages.

You'll easily see when the candidate is in a stage that the Interview kit has been assigned to under Interviews.

Add and view Interview kit feedback

If a candidate applies to a job containing Interview kits, these will automatically be available on the candidate card under Interviews in right hand side bar. This is where you evaluate and add your interview kit feedback.

Any added feedback, from your team or yourself, will be displayed on the left-hand side of the candidate card, under the Interview feedback section. Click on Show answers to compare your scores and feedback.

Job match

When you have filled in your interview kit you will be able to see the candidate's Job match score percentage displayed as a pink bar on the job application. Everyone's scores can be found under the Job match breakdown section.

The Job match score will be visible both within the candidate profile and in the stages overview.

How it's calculated

When calculating the job match score we sum up the average match for each skill/trait multiplied by its weight. An average score of 5 counts as 100% match for that skill or trait, a score of 4 is a 75% match, and so on.

We don't look at the individual scores for each skill/trait, just the average (in the Total column). So having one user score a skill a 5 and two other users not scoring that skill at all is the same if all three users scored that skill a 5. The average (of all scores given) is still 5.

If there are no scores at all for a skill we don't have any information about how that skill contributes to the job match score for that candidate. And in this case no information = lowest score, so it is effectively the same as receiving an average score of 1 for that skill. You can think of it as if you skip a test in school you would receive the lowest grade (F or equivalent) for that test.

As an example, if the evaluation profile of a job has the Skills Project Management and Leadership, with weights of 80% and 20% respectively, and a candidate has received average scores of 4 and 1 for those Skills respectively, their job match score would be 65%.

The calculation would look like this: 0.75*0.8 + 0.25*0.2 = 0.65 .


I've filled in my Interview kit, why don't I see a Job match score?

If you haven't added any Skills or Traits in the job editing mode under Evaluation Skills and traits, no Job match score will be calculated. The Skills and Traits added to the job also need to be included in the Interview kit.

What happens if I delete an Interview kit in our account Settings?

Already filled-out feedback for this Interview kit will be intact and shown as before on the candidate card. However, the Interview kit itself will be deleted under Settings → Recruitment → Interview kits and from the jobs where it was added.

What's the difference between the Job match and Interview feedback section?

The Job match section shows a summary of all scored Skills and Traits chosen to be evaluated for this job. Displaying all scores given by the hiring team including the total weight.

Under Interview Feedback, you'll see your answers to Interview kit questions, and the scores given for each interview.

Who can see the Job match score and Interview feedback?

This is considered to be data that belongs to the job. The job data is accessible by any user added to the hiring team and all Admins. See more information here.

I can't edit my Interview kit, why?

If this Interview kit is being used in other jobs, it can't be edited in the job's editing mode. Head over to Settings → Recruitment → Interview kits to make edits to it (only Admin users have access to these settings).

I don't want to work with Job match scores, do I need to?

Don't worry! If you do not want to work with Job match scores you can continue as before. As long as you don't add any Skills or Traits to your jobs, no Job match scores will be created for any of your candidates. The Interview kit feature also works on its own!

Do I need to link a skill or trait to all my Questions now?

Questions can be used in multiple ways, not only for Interview kits so they don't have to be linked to a skill or trait. You can manage your Questions under Settings → Recruitment → Questions. If they are linked to a skill or trait, you'll see it there:

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