Attract more candidates by displaying your values where you can show that you take care of your employees and have great values 🌟

This block is perfect for highlighting your company values in a visual and simple way.

💡 This block style was previously called Company values.

Add the block to your main career site

You can add the Company Values block at any page of your career site. For the purpose of this example, the Company Values block is added to the main career site (the home page).

To add the block, start by going to Content and selecting your Home page(1) -> Select the little plus sign at the bottom(2) -> Choose Company Values(3)


Choose between two different layouts through the pencil. One layout with images, and one without.

Text layout:

Text image layout:

The images are placed in ratio 3:2, ex: 1200x800, 600x400.

Title and subtitle

The title is displayed at the top of the values and you can choose to have a subtitle below it.

You can have a title for each specific value. Select one of your Values (1) and choose a title which will be displayed on the image - if you have the text + image layout. (2)

Value with title selected but without image:

The text section for each value is shown below the image/title. Here:

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