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Show your company values to your candidates

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Attract more candidates by displaying your values where you can show that you take care of your employees and have great values. This block is perfect for highlighting your company values in a visual and simple way 🌟

You can add the List block at any page of your career site. To add the block, open the Block library (click the little plus sign at the bottom) and choose List.

You have the option of three different layouts: bullet list, text, and text image. Let’s go through them one by one.

Bullet list LI01

The layout Bullet list allows you to add a list with bullet points.

Text LI02

The text layout is a great way to add content in columns.

Text image layout LI03

Finally, you have the option of adding your content with images. Keep in mind that the images are placed in ratio 3:2, ex: 1200x800, 600x400.

You can reorder the content in your list by simply clicking the Reorder button and putting them in the order of your choosing.

Block adjustments

As with most content blocks, there are several design adjustments you can do. Click the adjustment button at the top right of the editor, and put your own flavor on the block.

💡 Here you see an example of the adjustments you can do with just a few clicks. The possibilities are basically endless!

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