Make your content blocks global and you'll be able to use them all over your Teamtailor site (both career site and campaign pages) 👌 

Say for example you've just added a campaign page where you'd also like to include the section Workplace & Culture you've set up on your career site. Worry not, this is 101% doable! 

Make block global

To make a block global, hover over its section and click the three dots (...) that appears. Press the Global toggle, and the block is now a Global block!

All Global blocks are marked with a little earth globe, like this:

Please note! Editing a global block will edit in in all used places.

Use a Global block

Now, let's add the block on your Campaign page. In the page's content editor, add a new section by clicking the big pink on the bottom left ➕ and pick Global block

There, you get the option which one of the globals block you'd like to use and it's just a matter of picking the one you want. And just like that, the section is added to your page. 

🔗 Under the list of the Global blocks you've set up, you see a little chain symbol. This indicates how many different places this section is being used. 

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