Use this block to highlight content on other sites and make it look great on your career site! 🌟

Add images to your links or keep it stripped down with your primary color. Mix different layouts and styles to make sure everything fits you perfectly.

Add the block to your main career site

You can add the Tile & Link block at any page of your career site. For the purpose of this example, the Tile & Link block is added to the main career site (the home page).

To add the block, start by going to Content and selecting your Home page(1) -> Select the little plus sign at the bottom(2) -> Choose Tile & Link(3)


When you've added the block, you get the options to select a Title which can be seen on the image selected below.

You can type the URL you want visitors to be transfered to when selecting the image and it is optional to select Open in new tab.

If you choose to Open in new tab, a new tab in the browser will open with the selected URL. If you leave this unmarked, you'll instead go directly to the URL in the tab you're currently in.

Choose between three different layouts for your Tile & Links blocks through the pencil.

Portrait cards

Landscape cards


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