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Connect several Teamtailor accounts with one Parent account

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What is a group solution?

A way to connect several Teamtailor accounts with one Parent - mostly when it comes to the Front (Candidate experience), and a little bit when it comes to the Back (user experience).

The following will provide some insight to why a group solution may be the perfect fit for you and how it works.

How does it work?

The group solution consists of one parent company and one or more child companies. Let’s look more in to how the front end and back end settings will be affected if you enable this feature on your account.

The Front end(s)

💡 You can read more about content settings for your career sites in this article here.

The Mother/Parent:

  • Career site with two extra blocks ‘Group Companies’ and ‘Group jobs’.

The block Group companies will allow you to list companies that are a part of your group.

Group jobs will allow you to list the jobs from within your group

  • You will be able to enable a Companies filter on your job page.

  • The Connect button is hidden from the page to avoid candidate confusion.

  • The parent site will have an additional setting called 'Group Site' in the content/career site settings. These settings will allow you to decide if you would like to showcase the different career sites from within your group on your parent career site.

💡 If you do not want your candidates to know if your companies are linked to one another, we recommend that you turn this off using the visibility toggle on the right.

The Kids

  • Unique career sites BUT with Extra field in footer and in career site navigation, which is a list of career sites associated with that group.

  • Unique! Nothing is shared.

The different uses of a group solution.

1. Multiple Brands

You may have different brands with their own branding under one group. If this is the case then the group solution could be for you.

Why do customers choose this?

2. Different Countries/Regions

Why do customers choose this?

  • Different Languages (front-end)

  • Different GDPR regulations

  • Different Languages (back-end with templates, ratings, interview kit, stages etc)

  • Local Integrations

  • Local Promotion channels

  • Local Target groups of candidates

  • Separate Analytics

What we usually recommend:

  • No external jobs published on Mother site (instead on your Global site, which could be your HQ)

  • All Internal jobs published on Mother site

Additional features used alongside a Group solution

Ready to take the next step? Feel free to reach out to your account manager. 🚀

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