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If you add the Social widgets block, you will be able to display your social media accounts to your candidates 🌟

To add the block, head over to the page in question and open the block library. Here, select the Social widgets block. Once you've added the block, you can connect your Instagram and Facebook account.

💡 As of now, it's not possible to connect your LinkedIn page. If you want to display your LinkedIn page, as a workaround, you can add it as a link in the Tile & Link block. Read more about the Tile & Link block here.


This is an example of how the Instagram widget is displayed:

Please note that when you connect your Instagram, it might take a little while before the connection is 100% complete.

This is an example how the Facebook widget is displayed:

Social widgets in Connect

If you've added the Social widgets block in the Content, a Follow us section will be shown for the candidates in the candidate login.

You can remove ''Follow us'' by removing the social widget block from your Content. To do this, head over to Content→Hover your mouse over the Social widgets block→Three dots→ Delete.

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