Teamtailor makes your jobs available to Indeed immediately upon being published. Indeed's team then conducts a short review to ensure that jobs meet their guidelines and ultimately determine what is eligible to be advertised on their site. Indeed reads our feed every 72 hours. Teamtailor does not have a final say whether your jobs will end up on Indeed, Indeed has full control of what jobs are eligible for visibility on their platform.

If your job is not published on Indeed after 72 hours, confirm that your job post doesn't break any of their following guidelines:

  • Your company was determined to be a recruiting or staffing company in the US or Canada, which aren't eligible for free postings.

  • You are already posting on Indeed directly
    Due to Indeed's "one-source" policy, they will not accept a job post from Teamtailor if your company has previously posted on Indeed directly without using Teamtailor. You need to contact their team and ask them to make Teamtailor your primary posting source on their platform.

  • Your job is missing a full location
    Most of the free job boards, including Indeed, require a full location to publish your jobs.

  • Your job is marked as fully remote
    Fully remote positions are not always eligible for free visibility. If this is temporarily remote or you offer hybrid remote flexibility, include a location and include specific phrases in your job description pointing out that it's a remote position.

How do I contact Indeed?

As they only help employers directly, if you have an Indeed account, the best way to contact Indeed would be via your dedicated representative. Alternatively, you can use their form here or log in to your Indeed account and click "Need Help?" at the top of the page. For visibility requests please provide this explanation to help them assist you promptly:

“I am a client of Teamtailor, an Integrated ATS with Indeed, and my jobs are included in their comprehensive XML feed. I would like Teamtailor to be my primary posting source. I need a CS rep to review my jobs to determine if they are suitable for organic visibility per Indeed’s Quality Standards.“

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