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Publish jobs as Indeed Sponsored Ads

Learn how to set up and activate Indeed Sponsored Ads

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Through our integration with Indeed creating and editing campaigns has never been easier! This guide will take you through the activation steps and how to purchase an ad using the integration.

Activate the integration

Start by heading over to Marketplace and locate Indeed Sponsored Ads. Once you click activate you will be prompted to enter the business email address that is connected to your existing Indeed account.

Enter the email and click Setup billing. This will check if your billing information in Indeed is correctly set up and based on the result it will either redirect you to the Indeed website to fill in the missing data or take you to the next step of the activation process in Teamtailor.

Once you've been redirected back to Teamtailor, you can click Finish activation to connect your Indeed account.

The next step will be to authorize Teamtailor by choosing your account:

Once the authorization is complete you will be redirected to Teamtailor's Marketplace and you are now ready to start using Indeed Sponsored Ads under the Promote tab in Teamtailor.

Purchase a Indeed Sponsored Ad

Open the job in question and head over to the Promote tab. Here click on Indeed Sponsored Ads to start the purchase.

In the pop-up window, you will be able to set the start and end date of your ad campaign and the budget limit that should be spent during the period.

In the next step, you can also select how you would like to spend your budget:

On the last step you will see a prediction of the results you may expect from your campaign. Click Purchase to create a campaign.

After the ad campaign is created you can click on Show publish history to see information regarding the promotion.

Underneath the publish history you can click on Edit to make changes to the campaign, for eg. pause it. Here you will be able to check the statistics of the campaign fetched from Indeed.

If you want more information on how to better run ads on Indeed, reach out to your Indeed sales representative, as Teamtailor in this case is only a reseller of their services.

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