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Overview of the Always Included Job Boards
Overview of the Always Included Job Boards

An overview of the Always Included Job Boards and how the integration works

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When you’re using Teamtailor, we will make all your jobs available for a number of free channels. Let’s talk more about how this works.

When you publish a job, this will automatically* be sent into the feeds made available for the integrated channels. Given that your account is set up in the right way, you can just publish the job, sit back, and let the automatic integration increase the reach!

*note that there are some prerequisites and exclusions for this to work, more on this below.

What does Sent automatically mean?

First things first, posting a job at Teamtailor means we will make the data available for the external channels to pick up. This doesn’t guarantee visibility on the channel, as the channel in question reserves the right to publish/reject jobs.

Can’t find your jobs on the free channels?

If you’ve published your job (externally) on your Teamtailor account but can’t find it on the free channels, there are a few things you want to take into consideration:

  • Generally, it takes 24-72h for the jobs to be posted on the free channels after they have been Published in Teamtailor.

  • The free channels aren’t included in a trial account.

  • Your account has to be set to live (this is normally done as a part of your onboarding, ask our support team if you’re unsure)*

  • Make sure the free channels are enabled on your account

  • All free channels require a location for the job

*If your account doesn’t have a live date, this is stated in your account, like so:

If you’ve ensured all mentioned above is managed, but you still can’t find the job, you can reach out to the Teamtailor Support team. The team will then verify that all the settings are correct from our end and can confirm that the job was sent the way it should.

If our Support team confirms that everything is correct from our end, you will then have to reach out to the channel in question for further assistance. You might find it helpful to use this template when contacting the channel:

I’m a client of Teamtailor (and ATS integrated with [name of Channel]). My jobs are included in their XML feed but I still can’t find them in the search result of [name of channel].

I would like a support rep to review my jobs to determine if they are suitable for visibility. My jobs are presently visible on my website at [] and my jobs in Teamtailor XML file are labeled as ‘My Company Name’ for both company and sourcename.”

(My Company Name is the same name as listed under General→Name)

🔎 Not finding your jobs on Indeed/Glassdoor? Indeed's team conducts a short review to ensure that jobs meet their guidelines and ultimately determine what is eligible to be advertised on their site. Read more here.

Can I disable the job board?

You can disable all/any free channels on your account. Head over to Settings→Marketplace activations. Here, you click Deactivate channel.

You can also disable a job board for a specific job only. Head over to the job -> Promote, and find the channel you wish to unpublish:

How can I remove/edit the job posting on the external channel?

When you Unlist or Archive the job in Teamtailor, it will automatically be taken down from the external channel.

When you edit the job in Teamtailor, the changes will be updated on the external channel too. However, it might take up to 24-72 hours before the changes are visible on the external channel.

Where can I find the job on the external channel?

In order to see if your job has been published on the external channel, you would need to search for the job title or the company name on the external channel in question.

Is it possible to refresh job for higher visibility on the free channel?

It's not possible to refresh the job for higher visibility on the free channels. If you have a job that's been archived for a while and you want to reopen the same position, it might be a good idea to make a copy of this job (i.e create a new job) for better visibility on the free channels.

To copy an existing job ad, go to the tab Jobs and hover over the job and click Copy:

Which free channels are available?

There are various free channels available, this article refers to the free channels that are automatically sent. Some of these are already activated on your account by default. These channels include:

  • Google jobs (this channel is not available in all regions, please see list of available regions here)

  • Indeed + Glassdoor

  • Jooble

There are additional free channels that are automatically sent, which can be activated under Marketplace -> Always Included Job Boards.

Here, you'll find channels such as:

  • Adzuna

  • Arbeitnow

  • Careerjet

  • DrJob

  • FigaroClassifields

  • Flexa


  • Jobrapido

  • Jobsora

  • Jora

  • LeisureJobsUK

  • LinkedIn Limited Listings

  • Monster Global

  • Myjobhelper

  • Remotive

  • free

  • WhatJobs

  • ZipRecruiter United States


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