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Job ID

Learn how to work with the Job ID in Teamtailor, to speed up your workflow.

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Each job in Teamtailor has a unique ID. In this article, we will explain how you can work with the job ID in Teamtailor, to improve and speed up your workflow. This workflow is especially helpful for admins, that have access to a lot of jobs within Teamtailor, or a lot of jobs with similar titles. The unique ID will help you differentiate your jobs.

How to find a job ID

The unique ID for each job, can be found in the URL code. In this example, we can see that the job ID is 1626465 👇

💡 Pro-tip: How to use the job ID
Let's say you visit a job ad via your careersite, and realize that you want to edit the job:

  1. Copy the job ID from the URL code, and head over to the Jobs overview in Teamtailor.

  2. Click on any job in the list, and replace the ID of the relevant job in the URL code. Do not change anything else in the URL!

Lastly, you can also include the Job ID in your Custom reports!

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