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In order for your job posting to be posted on external job boards your job posting in Teamtailor needs to meet the job boards' requirements

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Crafting the perfect job posting can be tough. But beyond providing plenty of information that entices would-be candidates to apply, you'll need to include specific details about your company, boost clarity within the job description, and meet a number of easy, but important, requirements to make your job post a success.

Job Requirements

The title of the position should include a standard description of the position that is easily identifiable for future candidates. For example, "iOS Developer" instead of "Coding Guru."

AVOID USING CAPITAL LETTERS or exaggerated punctuation. Leave out any additional information that looks spammy, like "We are Hiring ASAP!!!"

Location Requirements

The location tied to the job posting needs to include City, State, Country as well as the full address, see example below:

Description Requirements

  • In your job description, include specific details for candidates, such as the duties and requirements of the position at your company.

  • Aim for at least 700 characters overall. A lot of job boards have a max character limit around 5000 characters, stay under this limit to be on the safe side.

  • Avoid providing alternative ways for a candidate to apply (like an email address, phone number, or website link).

  • Avoid terminology that could be viewed as discriminatory. This includes:

    • Any age references, like “college students welcome”

    • Gendered pronouns (“she” or “he”)

    • Nationality ("We love Canadians!")

    Additional tips

    If you repost jobs often, job boards will notice and may not continue to accept your posts / place them further down in the job lists.

    For the positions you plan to keep in your Career Portal for an extended amount of time, use paid promotions to boost visibility.

    If you post your position directly to the job board first and then try to promote through Teamtailor, there's a chance it will be considered a duplicate and the job board may not accept the position at all.

    All of these guidelines and tips apply to both the channels that you manually post your job to through the promote tab, and the channels that automatically fetch your jobs as you post them in Teamtailor. You can read more about how the automatic channels work here.

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