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Automatically distribute your open jobs to the candidates in your Wintrgarden Talent Pools. Create a seamless flow of candidates between Wintrgarden and Teamtailor by setting up triggers for importing rejected candidates, deleting hired candidates, and more.

1. How to enable the integration

  1. From the Settings page in Teamtailor navigate to Integrations -> API keys and create a new API Key with internal API scope and Read permission

  2. Find Wintrgarden in the marketplace and activate the integration

  3. Copy the Integration key, select the created API key, and save

  4. In Wintrgarden navigate to Administration -> Integrations -> Teamtailor and click the Enable button for the Teamtailor integration

  5. Paste the copied Integration key, select the Job subscription campaign for imported users. Optionally you can add a delay for the job subscription invitation email. If you do not add a delay, invitations will be sent immediately.

  6. Save the settings and the integration is enabled

2. Using the integration

The integration adds Wintrgarden as a trigger in Teamtailor that sends data with webhooks. These triggers can be added to your job templates or directly to individual jobs.

Based on the action the webhook works as follows:

  1. Import candidate - candidates will be imported to your Wintrgarden talent pools using the candidate’s name and email address. Candidates will receive an invitation to sign up for a weekly notification of matching new jobs.

  2. Remove candidate - candidates will be removed from your Wintrgarden talent pools, matching by the candidate’s email address

Once per week, an email digest including your matching jobs from Teamtailor will be sent to candidates who have signed up. Candidates who do not sign up will be removed from Wintrgarden automatically, following a period of 14 days plus any invitation delay time you configure in Wintrgarden.

3. Support

If you have any question regarding the integration or how to use it, please contact us by sending an email to

Common errors

This error is shown if the integration is not activated in Wintrgarden. Usually this is caused by the API key not being saved or copied correctly.

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