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Update a Teamtailor candidate when changes occur in your Oneflow contract

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Our Oneflow integration currently sends data from Teamtailor to Oneflow by populating a contract or contract template with a candidates default or custom fields.

The new update to this integration now allows information to flow back from a Oneflow contract to Teamtailor when a value is entered into the contract by a user.

This can be done two ways:

  1. A populated default custom field, one that already has a value, is sent to Oneflow. If a user updates that field in the contract, it will also update the field in Teamtailor.

  2. An unpopulated custom field, one that is empty, can also be placed on a Oneflow contract when setting up the template. Once a value has been added to the field by a signer or signee, it will also be updated in Teamtailor on the candidate card.

The second update to the integration now allows a contract, once signed by all parties, added to the candidate card as an attachment. This allows a workflow where the contract can now be sent to your HRM if the integration with that HRM allows it in Teamtailor.

Getting started

To enable the Oneflow to Teamtailor information flow:

  1. In Oneflow, go to your Settings/ Account/ Extensions and click on Webhooks.

  2. Create a webhook and paste the following url.

  3. In Teamtailor, go to your Settings/Api-keys and create a new api key with Admin Read/Write privileges.

  4. Go to Settings/Marketplace Activations/Oneflow and add the new TT api key from the dropdown menu.

Now whenever an update is made by a signer or signee or a contract, the matching fields in Teamtailor will be updated and when a contract has been signed by all parties, you will see the contract attachment on the candidate card.

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