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Partner: Referoo (Reference & Background checks)
Partner: Referoo (Reference & Background checks)

Learn how to automatically invite candidates to Referoo packages via Teamtailor

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By activating the Referoo integration, you'll be able to use triggers to automatically invite candidates for Referoo reference & background checks. Use Referoo Packages to create the checks that suit your recruitment best.

Referoo is an Australian owned, complete online referencing tool. Designed to make it easier for you to generate fast and secure reference checks, our suite of tools is customisable to any business, of any size.

Automate reference checks to make the entire process simple. Referoo give you the option of completing your reference checks via email, SMS or phone.

Combine Referoo x Teamtailor to make checks even easier!

Getting started in Teamtailor

To enable the integration between Referoo and Teamtailor, you connect your existing Referoo account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page.

First things first: collect the Referoo API key and API secret from your Referoo admin account. You possibly need to contact Referoo to get support.

Referoo also has to configure your API settings (see image below) to make the connection with Teamtailor possible.

To find the API key after Referoo completed the set up: login to a Referoo admin account, go to settings > API settings > API key + API secret

The API settings: three parts of the API settings for Teamtailor need to be updated:
1. The Webhook URL you set to:
2. For the Webhook settings you tick all boxes.
3. In the Redirect URL you set:

If you don't have access to these settings, please contact Referoo for support.

Now you can go into Teamtailor and find Referoo via the marketplace.

Step 1. Activate Referoo in the marketplace of the Teamtailor application

You will be redirected to the activations page in your Teamtailor settings where you can add your Referoo API key and secret.

Step 2. Add your Referoo API key and secret

Step 3. Log in to your Referoo account (you might already been logged in)

Step 4. Accept the authorization request for Teamtailor

As a last step you have to create a reference 'package' in Referoo. Go to you settings, and pick 'Packages'. This package is needed to set up the automated trigger in Teamtailor.

💡 Packages allow you flexibility to create exactly the right checks for your candidates. Combine reference checks, background checks, etc. in one go!

Step 5. Create a reference 'package' in Referoo.

Set up the trigger in Teamtailor

Now the integration is activated you can head over to one of your jobs in Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on the Triggers symbol (1).

Select the stage from which you want the transfer to trigger by clicking the ➕ (2) in that stage. Candidates that are moved to this stage will be automatically be invited to a Referoo reference check.

Select Send Referoo reference check to add the trigger.

Complete the configuration by setting the reference package you like to use and the email of the recruiter. Click 'Add trigger' to complete the set up.

Note: the required fields on the candidate card for the Referoo integration are first name, last name and email address. Without these fields the integration will return an error.

Using the integration

Candidates that are moved to the stage where the Referoo trigger is added will be automatically invited for a Referoo reference check.

On the candidate card you can see that the status of the check (Pending/Completed) and access the report.

In case you have already send a package to the candidate, you receive an error message. You can go into Referoo to archive the candidate, and try again.

Within Referoo you can find the candidates and results on the candidate tab.

What data is transferred?

Once the Referoo integration is triggered the following information will be transferred between Teamtailor and Referoo:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Package from Referoo

  • Recruiter email

  • Results

Need support?

Contact Teamtailor directly via:

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