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Partner: Flex HRM (HR system)
Partner: Flex HRM (HR system)

Send candidate data to your Flex HRM account

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Getting Started

To enable the integration between Teamtailor and Flex HRM:

  1. Collect your credentials from Flex HRM with the Company API Endpoint, Username, Password, and Instance.

  2. Head over to the Teamtailor's marketplace and find the Flex HRM integration.

  3. Click activate and it will take you to your marketplace settings where you can paste the Company API Endpoint, Username, Password, and Instance into their respective fields.

    You've now integrated your Flex HRM and Teamtailor applications 🎈 🎉

Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

You can set up the Flex HRM trigger and send your new hire's data automatically to the Flex HRM platform along with their custom fields when a candidate card reaches the chosen stage.

To add a trigger:

  1. Click on the triggers tab under applications in a chosen Job.

  2. Go to a stage where you want the event to happen.

  3. Click the plus button ✚ to add the trigger.

    Now every time you move a candidate to this stage, it will tell the Teamtailor application to send their information to your "Account" in Flex HRM.

    You will also see the candidate's card in Teamtailor now has a status of "sent" under the name Flex HRM.

    Information being sent to Flex HRM

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Mobile

    • Candidate documents

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