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Partner: Assently E-Sign (e-Signing)
Partner: Assently E-Sign (e-Signing)

Automatically send documents to your candidates for e-Signing

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This integration has been developed by Assently. Contact us at for support.

What is Assently E-Sign?

A premium solution for e-signatures. Manage, send, sign and store any document, on any device at any time via Assently Web Office or API. Sign with E-Identification, Touch or SMS. Multiple different E-ID providers are supported.

What can you do with the Assently integration in Teamtailor?

Using the Assently E-Sign integration, you can send out contracts to candidates when they reach a specific stage in the hiring process, as well as manually sending it out to specific candidates. You can send out contracts based on any template you have defined in Assently E-Sign. When candidates have signed, the final contract is easily available from the candidate’s page in E-Sign.

Who should use the Assently app?

Anyone who uses Teamtailor for their business and needs to sign agreements during hiring can use the Assently app to get the documents signed and saved securely.

Getting started

You need an Assently E-Sign account with API write access. If you need help setting up a new account or activating features on an existing account, you can contact and they will help you get started.

1. Click on the profile menu in the top right corner and click Account settings:

2. Click on API:

3. On your agent user, click Enable API Access

4. Copy the API Key and Secret and save them somewhere safe.

Templates in Assently

Contracts that should be sent to candidates must be prepared in E-Sign as templates.

You can create a template following these steps:

1. Go to Templates in the top menu

2. Create a new template.

There are two approaches to candidate contracts:
Using a pre-made contract
1. Create your contract in your normal document editor and fill in all details for the position.

2. Upload the document to the template.

3. Add all the parties that should sign the contract - except the candidate. The candidate will be added as a party automatically by the Teamtailor integration.

4. The template is now ready to be used

Using a contract template that is sent in two steps

  1. Create a contract using a PDF-editor that supports form-field editing.

  2. Add input-fields for any dynamic contact in the contract, like name, salary etc.

  3. Select and upload the file to the template

  4. Open the settings-panel, and activate “Enable PDF form fields”

    5. The form fields you have created should now be editable by the signing party, and appear as blue boxes.

    6. Since you probably don’t want the candidate to set their own salary, the contract should first be sent to the person approving the candidate.
    Start by enabling “Parties follow a signing order”, to ensure the contract is sent to the approving party or hiring manager first.

    7. Then ensure that the first party is the one who should fill in the details of the contract. Do not add the candidate as a party.

    The candidate will be automatically added as a party by the Teamtailor integration.

    When the contract is sent through Teamtailor, it will be signed in the order you’ve

    specified, and only the first party can fill in the fields.

    Activating the Assently E-Sign integration in Teamtailor

    Note that the integration will be connected to the Assently agent who followed the steps in the "Get started"-section at the beginning of the article.

    Find and add Assently from the Marketplace in Teamtailor.

    In Teamtailor, the administrator sets up the initial connection. This is called activating the integration. The E-Sign integration asks for API Key and API Secret in order to be activated. These have been retrieved in the Getting started-section.

    How to add a trigger to a job in Teamtailor

    First, select the trigger-view in one of your jobs in Teamtailor.

    Then, click on “Add trigger” on the step you want the integration to trigger on.

    On the next page, select the Assently-trigger.

    Lastly, select the template you created in the “Templates in Assently”-section.

    Tracking and downloading signed contracts

    When a candidate moves to the step with the trigger, a contract is sent for signing through E-Sign. It will show up on the candidate, with the current status. When all parties have signed you can select to download the document.

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