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Partner: PandaDoc (e-Signing)

Learn how to automatically send documents from Teamtailor to PandaDoc for e-signing

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By activating the PandaDoc integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send documents to candidates for e-signing.

With PandaDoc you can share documents in minutes. Drag-and-drop editing helps you build them fast, with your choice of 750+ ready-to-use, free templates. You can also customize your own dynamic versions. You can review quickly and confidently. Get real-time access to approvals, comments and version tracking. Smart features like variables and conditional logic help you eliminate document errors.

Connect PandaDoc with Teamtailor to make e-Signing easy!

Getting started in Teamtailor

To enable the integration between PandaDoc and Teamtailor, you connect your existing PandaDoc account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page.

First things first: collect your PandaDoc API key from your PandaDoc account. Then return to the Teamtailor marketplace, search for PandaDoc, and click Activate.

Step 1. Activate PandaDoc in the marketplace of the Teamtailor application

You will be redirected to the activations page in your Teamtailor settings where you can add your PandaDoc API key.

Step 2. Add your PandaDoc API key

Set up the trigger in Teamtailor

Now the integration is activated you can head over to one of your jobs in Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on the Triggers symbol (1).

Select the stage from which you want the transfer to trigger by clicking the ➕ (2) in that stage. Candidates that are moved to this stage will be automatically receiving an e-mail with the documents for e-Signing.

Select Send PandaDoc webhook to add the trigger.

Complete the configuration of the trigger by:

  • selecting the PandaDoc template you want to use

  • indicating who should be able to complete the fillable fields

  • selecting the folder in PandaDoc where you want the document to be stored (optional)

  • and (optionally) set a name for the document. When using the automated trigger it could be helpful to leave the name empty, so the integration will automatically assign a name based on the first and last name of the candidate.

Click 'Add trigger' to complete the set up.

Note: the required fields on the candidate card for the PandaDoc integration are first name, last name and email address. Without these fields the integration will return an error.

Mapping data fields from Teamtailor to PandaDoc

In Teamtailor you can create custom candidate fields that can be used as a variable on the contract in PandaDoc. For example a custom field for Salary or Job Position.

For this to work you need to create fields in Teamtailor that match variables in PandaDoc. In Teamtailor specifically the API name of the field needs to be the same as PandaDoc.

Besides, PandaDoc has a set of default variables that can be used in the integration. These fields are prefixed with “Client." in PandaDoc. For those fields no extra setup is required as during the creation of the document via the integration, the values of the candidate are automatically assigned to those variables. For example, by using a variable named “Client.FirstName” in the document, the candidate name from Teamtailor will be mapped there.


Using the integration

Candidates that are moved to the stage where the PandaDoc trigger is added will be automatically receiving an e-mail with the documents for e-Signing.

On the candidate card you will see that the documents are shared (pending), and you can review the document by clicking on 'shared document link'.

The status on the candidate card will update once the receiver viewed the documents.

And when the documents are signed. Clicking on 'Shared document link' will now also show the completed documents.

What data is transferred?

Once the PandaDoc integration is triggered the following information will be transferred between Teamtailor and PandaDoc:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • List of available document templates

  • Status of e-Signing

  • Link to document

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