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To-do templates: automatically add to-dos for your new users
To-do templates: automatically add to-dos for your new users

Add custom to-do templates to make your new users onboarding a lot easier

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With to-do templates, your new users will know what to do from their very first login - presented right in their dashboard. And you can customize this based on their access level. Automated for you, and a customized and digital onboarding for your colleagues - a combination to love 😍

Create a To-do template

You’ll find your To-do template settings right under your Template settings. This is where you can create and edit the templates you’ve created.

Let’s create a template to Onboard the new users added with the role Hiring Managers. Start by clicking the plus at the top right, and then add the template details. A user with the access level Company admin might need to be onboarded in a different way than your Hiring managers, and this is why you can choose which to-do task certain user roles will see.

💡 In the example above, the to-dos will be displayed for all users added with the role Hiring manager from this point onwards.

Add the to-do for the new user, and include the description needed. Keep in mind that you can hyperlink words if you want to refer to specific pages. Add the due date of the task, letting your colleagues know when they are expected to complete this task.

The due date added will be relative to the time when the new user logs in for the first time.

How will your users see this?

After you’ve created the to-do template, it will be used for all users added with that specific access level from now on. It will be displayed in the My to-do widget as illustrated in the screenshot below:

💡 Ensure that the widget called My to-dos is visible for all your users, in the Dashboard settings. Not quite sure how to do this? See more here!

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