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Create your Employee template setting
Create your Employee template setting

Change the default employee settings to be applied to new employees.

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Like most things in life, recruitment is better when you do it together. Therefore you can invite all your colleagues/team members to your Teamtailor account and find your future company friends as a team. To make this easier for you, you can perfect the default settings of your employees. These are the settings used when adding new users!

Please note, when updating these settings, existing employees will not be affected!

Start by heading over to Settings→Templates→Employee template. This is where you set up your default setting. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do here!

📓 Learn all about how to invite new users here!


Under the Profiles tab, you can change your colleagues’ user settings, such as what access level they should work with and if this person should have their profile public.




Sets what access level your colleague should work with.

💡 Click the See list of permissions to get the full insight into what the user will/won’t be able to do.

Public profile

Decide which information of the user should be visible on the career site. Note that the email address/phone number is taken from the employee's profile and can be added by both your Company admins as well as the user.

💡 For a profile to be displayed, it has to be complete. This means the user needs a Name and profile picture.

Email signature

Customize new users email signature.


Set the language of the Teamtailor tool/app the user will see. By default the company language is set, and can be changed by the user.

Time format

Working with a 24 or 12-hour clock? Set the default here, and this will decide what format all times will be displayed in. The user will be able to edit this later on.

Time zone

Set the default time zone for new users. By default, this is set to the timezone in the general settings, and can be changed by the user.


Under the Notification tab, you will be able to set what notification settings should be used by default for your new users. Note that the user will be able to edit their notification settings later on.

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