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How to create and use QR codes
How to create and use QR codes

Create QR codes and posters to increase traffic from candidates.

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We want to help you to get more traffic to your job ads online and offline. With QR codes we've made it possible so you can share your jobs and career page wherever you want. Make it easy for the candidates to scan the code with their smartphones, and get to your job ad or career page in seconds. This is ideal to put up in your different establishments, at events, or at fairs.

How to create QR codes?

You can create QR codes for your jobs or your pages in Content. Let's get into how!

QR code for job postings

In order to generate a QR code for a job you go to the Promote tab of the specific job. Here you scroll down to the Promote and Share section and choose QR code. Please note that the job needs to be externally published for you to have the option to generate a QR code.

Here you will see a few layout options when creating your QR code.

Let’s take a look at the settings you see here:

Unique name

This is only an internal name used in-app, the name will not be shown on the QR code


Company logo

Display the company logo in the QR code or not

See the difference with/without logo in the screenshot to the right.

Accent color

Use an accent color (the main color from your Global design).

See the difference with/without accent color in the screenshot to the right.


Choose the style for the QR code.

See the difference between the two different styles in the screenshot to the right.

When you are done with your settings you can generate the QR code. You will be able to download it in different formats: as a QR code or as a poster. When you have downloaded the ones you want you just close the pop-up.

Psst - this is what the poster looks like 😍 The logo is the one you have added as your default logo and the background is the color you have chosen as your main color.

See your results

You can check out your results for the QR codes by expanding the list of share links and QR codes, and see how many applications your QR code has generated. Keep track of which posters and codes have generated the most applications to your jobs.

QR code for your career pages

For your career page, you create QR codes directly in the content editor. To create a QR code, head over to the Content tab and hover over the page of choice and click Create QR code. Please note that the page needs to be published for you to be able to generate the QR code.

Here you can set up your QR code and pick the layout settings (see table above). When you are done with the settings you will be able to download the QR code.

It’s not possible to create a QR code for the Connect page, as it is not a page in your content editor.

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